Organization for Global Health

Organization of International Health Constitution

Article I. Name of Organization

Organization of International Health (OIH)

Article II. Organization Description

The Office of International Health (formerly known as the International Medicine Interest Group) has the goal of providing a forum for the discussion of International Health issues throughout the medical school and undergraduate campuses. In order to meet this goal, the Office of International Health sponsors weekly letter writing campaigns in cooperation with other student groups to educate medical students on specific issues and allow an active outlet for participation. OIH also sponsors speakers with expertise in international health specializing in a wide-range of fields from health policy and infectious diseases to short term field work. One of the most important parts of our mission is to educate and create opportunities for students to participate in international health experiences. In order to facilitate this, OIH runs a web-site with helpful links to international health opportunities across campus and elsewhere as well as featuring personal stories of students’ international health experiences and of professionals actively involved with international health. In addition, OIH works closely with the medical school administration to design and develop international health components in the new curriculum including concentration course work and international rotations. OIH also sponsors a lecture and discussion series focusing on international health issues in conjunction with the undergrad campus and holds informative meetings on funding for international projects for medical students. Future projects include working with Robert Seigel to help organize the 6 th Annual IHC as well as working to raise grant money to support medical students’ work abroad.

Article III. Eligibility for Membership

Membership is open to all registered Stanford students. While active participation in at least one committee is encouraged, the only requirement for membership is to be included in the OIH mailing list. Barring unforeseen and extreme circumstances, members will not be expelled or excluded.

Article IV. Officers

The Executive Board of OIH consists of a President, Treasurer (who serve as ASSU representatives), Secretary, OIH Liaison, Special Events Chair, International Programs Chair, and Webmaster.

The President serves not only as a master of ceremonies at general OIH meetings, but also is the overriding organizational force for the group. The President is the helmsman, steering the group towards common goals and visions.

The Treasurer is responsible for budget concerns and monetary allocation. The treasurer is also the ASSU representative and works closely with SMSA concerning the annual allotment for OIH.

Secretary is responsible for record keeping during general meetings and for the creation and distribution of minutes.

OIH Liaison is particularly attuned to the interactions between OIH and the faculty, administration, and undergrad communities at Stanford. The Liaison is responsible for ensuring productive partnerships with these groups and to continue to push international health concerns forward.

Special Events Chair is responsible for the planning and implementation of conferences and forums that are open to the entire Stanford community. The Special Events Chair will also be expected to work closely with the Allies in the creation of a quarterly event to raise consciousness and awareness to specific social and medical issues.

International Programs Chair is responsible for shepherding and actively garnering support for International Programs available to students. Particular attention will be paid to programs that are integrated in the medical school curriculum, but the International Programs Chair will also be responsible for researching opportunities for international study and funding outside of Stanford Medical School proper as well as supporting students’ efforts to create international health experiences.

The Webmaster is responsible for the upkeep and content of the OIH webpage.

A. Election and Removal Process

The criteria for candidacy are active participation in OIH throughout the previous year and a commitment to fulfilling the responsibilities of the sought position for an entire year. Self-nomination for each open position will be sufficient to gain official candidacy. A simple majority determined by written ballots will be used in cases in which more than one person declares candidacy for a position.

B. Length of Term

Elected officers are expected to serve for an entire year. Elections will be held Spring Quarter in order to facilitate a gradual transfer of power from old to new officers.

Article V. Dissolution of Organization

If and when OIH becomes defunct, any excess funds or remaining property is bequeathed to SMSA or to a registered organization to be named at the time of dissolution.

Article VI. Procedure to Amend Constitution

The group shall use consensus to amend this constitution. The process will be open during the Spring Quarter.


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