Head & Neck Surgery

- Stanford Sinus Center -


The Stanford Sinus Center provides comprehensive medical and surgical care for disorders and complex problems of the nose and paranasal sinuses:

    • Computer-assisted and revision endoscopic sinus surgery for complicated sinus disease
    • Interdisciplinary minimally invasive surgical approaches to the skull base, orbit, and optic nerve
    • Research protocols exploring sinus wound healing and novel therapies for chronic sinusitis


The following conditions are treated by the Stanford Sinus Center:

  • Headache with sinus components 
  • Complications of previous sinus surgeries 
  • Frontal and sphenoid sinusitis 
  • Blocked nasal passages 
  • Blocked tear duct passages
  • Surgical management of Grave's disease
  • Tumors of the nose and sinuses (nasal tumors) 
  • Pituitary and skull base tumors

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