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Research Labs: Jayakar Nayak

Our laboratory focuses on 2 primary areas of investigation:

1. Identifying and characterizing intranasal mucosal stem cells for tissue regeneration.

2. Understanding the cellular and molecular basis of sinonasal immunity in order to develop better platforms for intransal vaccination delivery.

For these studies, we utilize both human tissue samples acquired from patients afflicted with sinonasal disorders as well as murine model systems. We have promising preliminary data that pinpoints regenerating cellular populations within varying subsites of the murine nasal cavity. Current studies are directed at formal characterization of putative stem cell populations to understand the true capacity for regeneration and future tissue engineering.

We are also involved in clinical and translational research efforts, which include studies on fungal sinusitis, acute and chronic rhinosinusitis, wound healing and experimental compounds that may promote cellular regeneration in the intranasal compartment.

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