Stanford Initiative to Cure Hearing Loss

The Stanford Initiative to Cure Hearing Loss (SICHL) is a large-scale research effort conducted at Stanford to find biological cures for hearing loss.

Basic and Translational Science

Our research laboratories are at the forefront of innovative bioscience and technology. We conduct research on issues relevant to human disease with special emphasis on the goal of curing deafness through regenerative means.

Research News

Drs. Kay Chang and Josephine Czechowicz publish study on weight gain and tonsil removal

According to their research, weight gain in children following tonsil removal is not linked to obesity.

See the study:
Weight Gain in Children Occurs After Tonsil Removal, Not Linked to Obesity

Dr. Jackler Discusses the rise of e-cigarettes and implications for public and tobacco industry

Dr. Jackler is interviewed about e-cigarettes and the e-cigarette industry, discussing SRITA's research findings on the product and its industry's many parallels to the tobacco industry.

Cheng Lab publishes study on spontaneous hair cell regeneration in mice

A new study by Dr. Cheng and his team published in the journal Development shows that early hair cells can be grown back in newborn mice.

See the study:
Spontaneous hair cell regeneration in the neonatal mouse cochlea in vivo

Accelerate Research

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