OHNS Residents

Chief Residents: Class of 2017

Misha Amoils, MD

Dan Beswick, MD

Hollin Calloway, MD

Amelia Clark, MD

PGY 4: Class of 2018

Brandon Baird, MD

Krista Kiyosaki, MD

Julia Noel, MD

David Schoppy, MD, PhD

PGY 3: Class of 2019

Michelle Chen, MD

Shannon Rudy, MD

Pedrom Sioshansi, MD

Reza Vaezeafshar, MD

PGY 2: Class of 2020

Grace Kim, MD

Cristen Olds, MD

Yohan Song, MD

Varun Vendra, MD

PGY 1: Class of 2021

Michael Chang, MD

Brian Nuyen, MD

Z. Jason Qian, MD

Jared Shenson, MD