Head & Neck Surgery

Clinical Instructorship/Fellowship Programs

To provide advanced training, Stanford Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery offers six clinical instructorships and one ACGME accredited fellowship program. The principal goal of these programs is to prepare the academically inclined residency graduate for their first faculty appointment. Clinical instructors not only undertake training in their sub-specialty of interest, but also serve as junior faculty members with a major role in resident education.

Facial Plastic Surgery

Clinical Instructorship

Faculty: Sam Most, MD (Clinical Instructorship Director)

Duration: 1-year program.

Emphasis: Balance of facial cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

Application: via San Francisco Matching Program.

Head & Neck Oncology

Clinical Instructorship

Faculty: Michael J. Kaplan MD (Clinical Instructorship Director), Vasu Divi MD (Co-Director)

Duration: 1 or 2-year program.

Emphasis: The clinical instructorship offers the full spectrum of training in head and neck surgery, both ablative and reconstructive. Ablative procedures include major head and neck resections, transoral robotic surgery, open anterior skull base surgery, advanced endocrine surgery, and cutaneous oncology. Reconstructive surgery includes local and regional reconstructive techniques, and, based on trainee interest, can also include microvascular reconstruction.

Separate tumor boards in head and neck, thyroid/parathyroid, skull base, and melanoma expose trainees to a number of focused multidisciplinary learning environments and mentored experiences in head and neck surgical oncology.

Clinical instructors have the opportunity to train with Drs. Holsinger, Kaplan, Sunwoo, Orloff, Sirjani, and Divi, each of whom has unique clinical interests and experience.

Application: via American Head and Neck Society


Clinical Instructorship

Faculty: Edward J. Damrose, MD (Clinical Instructorship Director)

Duration: 1-year program.

Emphasis: Advanced training in the care and treatment of voice and swallowing disorders; airway reconstruction; conservation surgery for laryngeal cancer; microlaryngeal surgery for benign disorders; rehabilitation of the paralyzed vocal fold, including reinnervation and laryngeal framework surgery; medical and surgical treatment of spasmodic dysphonia.

The instructor will play an active role in ongoing research, including the role of high speed MRI in evaluating swallowing disorders, high speed imaging of the vocal folds in normal and pathological states, the application of Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) to surgery of the upper aerodigestive tract, and the biochemical signature of malignant and premalignant lesions of the upper aerodigestive tract using Raman spectroscopy. Educational opportunities include a monthly Laryngology conference with the resident staff and opportunities to present research at local, regional, and national meetings.  The fellow serves as a member of the faculty in the role of clinical instructor, with commensurate admission and operating privileges. Salary and full benefits are provided.

Contact Janet Teo (jteo@ohns.stanford.edu)


Neurotology & Skull Base Surgery 

ACGME Accredited Fellowship Program

Faculty: Robert K. Jackler, MD (Fellowship Director), Nikolas Blevins, MD

2-year program.

Tumors of the IAC, CPA, and posterior cranial base. Cochlear implants.

Application: via San Francisco Matching Program.

Pediatric Otolaryngology

ACGME Accredited Fellowship Program

Faculty: Anna Messner, MD (Fellowship Director)

1-year program.

Balance of common and complex pediatric otolaryngology cases.

February 1

Matching: via San Francisco Match Program

Application: http://aspo.us/storage/fellowship/unified_fellowship_app.pdf

Rhinology and Advanced Sinus Surgery

Clinical Instructorship

Faculty: Peter H. Hwang, MD (Clinical Instructorship Director)

Duration: 1-year program.

Emphasis: The rhinology fellowship at Stanford University is a one-year program designed to prepare individuals for successful academic careers in rhinology. The Stanford Sinus Center offers a high-volume tertiary clinical experience covering all aspects of advanced medical and surgical rhinology. Fellows receive comprehensive surgical training in advanced techniques, including revision sinus surgery; frontal sinus surgery; and endoscopic skull base, orbit, and tumor surgery. Equally emphasized is personal academic mentorship to develop and refine skills in teaching, research, writing, and presentation.

Fellows receive a faculty appointment at the instructor level and are actively engaged in all aspects of the department’s teaching program, including medical student conferences, resident didactics, grand rounds, and teaching in the clinic and operating room. Fellows carry an independent clinic and surgical caseload in addition to other clinical duties. Opportunities for clinical and translational basic science research are plentiful. Protected academic time is provided.

Application: via San Francisco Matching Program.


Sleep Medicine & Surgery

Clinical Instructorship

Robson Capasso MD (Clinical Instructorship Director)
Sabine Girod, MD, DDS

Can be designed as a 1 or 2 years program.

The sleep surgery fellowship at Stanford University is a one or two-years program designed to prepare individuals for successful academic careers in Sleep Medicine and Surgery. The Stanford Sleep Surgery Center in combination with the Stanford Sleep Disorders Center offers a unique tertiary clinical experience covering all aspects of medical and surgical sleep medicine. The fellow will receive comprehensive clinical multidisciplinary exposure to sleep disorders, and will receive intensive training in diagnostic and surgical advanced techniques. It is emphasized that the fellow will receive personal academic mentorship and is expected to develop and refine skills in teaching, research, writing, and presentation.

Contact Janet Teo (jteo@ohns.stanford.edu) or Lori Abrahamsohn (labrahamsohn@ohns.stanford.edu).


Also see general information relating to Fellowships in the American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Sub-Specialty Fellowship Search.


Contacts for Instructorships/Fellowships

Facial Plastics –Arturo Retana, (650) 723-6818; aretana@ohns.stanford.edu
Head & Neck – Lucy Warren: (650) 725-5968; lwarren@ohns.stanford.edu
Laryngology – Janet Teo: (650) 723-5651; jteo@ohns.stanford.edu
Neurotology – April Prasad: (650) 724-9697; aprasad@ohns.stanford.edu
Pediatrics – Arturo Retana, (650) 723-6818; aretana@ohns.stanford.edu
Sinus/Rhinology – Janet Teo: (650) 723-5651; jteo@ohns.stanford.edu
Sleep Medicine & Surgery– Janet Teo: (650) 723-5651; jteo@ohns.stanford.edu



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