Please note that due to COVID-19, Stanford Medicine will not be accepting visiting students for the 2020-21 academic year.


The residency program is dedicated to providing the highest level of training to future leaders in OHNS.

Clinical Instructors & Fellows

To provide advanced training, Stanford OHNS offers nine clinical instructorships and fellowships.

Medical Students

For medical students wanting to gain first-hand experience with OHNS topics and issues.

Continuing Education

Grand Rounds, Symposia, Workshops and Professional Courses are offered throughout the year. 

Grand Rounds

Formal talks by Stanford faculty, trainees, and distinguished guests about everything from fascinating cases to the most current technological break-throughs to global health.

Professional Courses

Education (including CME)  for practitioners organized by and featuring Stanford OHNS faculty.


Lectures and presentations featuring the latest in Stanford OHNS research.

Research Training Opportunities

Education Schedule

On Campus


Stanford OHNS is committed to increasing the diversity of leaders pursuing careers in clinical practice, research and policy. In collaboration with the Center of Excellence and D-CORE,  we aim to foster a supportive and inclusive community of learners. To that end, we especially encourage under-represented minorities to apply for our training programs.

Otologic Surgery

Step-by-step illustrations for procedures such as stapes surgery.

Skull Base Surgery

Detailed illustrations of skull base anatomy and surgical procedures.

Introductory Textbook of Otolaryngology

This online textbook was written by OHNS faculty and is an invaluable resource for medical students and interested patients.