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Tele-therapy Program Helps Bridge Gap for Deaf Babies

Once a week, Karen Nalley Artalejo and Spanish language interpreter Olga Rice make the 40 minute drive from their office in Salinas to an apartment in Greenfield to work with Samuel Lopez. He’s a toddler just a couple months shy of his third birthday. Full Story


Drs. Stefan Heller and Alan Cheng Working towards a Cure

Think for a moment about your favorite sounds... Music, perhaps, like the young Julie Andrews singing “I Could Have Danced All Night” from MY FAIR LADY; or the laughter of someone you love, like when my wife Gloria wins at cards for the 43rd time in a row; or Nature, the whistle of wind through a pine tree forest, the crash of surf on a distant shore, or the snarling inhalation of a Bengal tiger. Full Story


Dr. Robert Jackler's Study Finds Invalid Methods Used to Support Testimony in Tobacco Cases

A small group of otolaryngologists hired by tobacco companies testified repeatedly that years of heavy smoking did not cause individual cancer cases, a new study reports. Full Story


Dr. Vasu Divi uses Advanced Imaging to Bring Joy Back to Cancer Survivor

Major advances at Stanford have given a cancer patient his health, along with a dramatic improvement in the quality of his life. You can see the results and the joy written all over his face. Full Story


Stanford's Advanced Imaging Puts Joy on Faces of Cancer Survivors

A powerful technology at Stanford has not only given a cancer patient his health, but also a dramatic improvement in the quality of his life. 

Full Story


New version of common antibiotic could eliminate risk of hearing loss, study finds

A study in mice has found that a commonly used antibiotic can be modified to eliminate the risk that it will cause hearing loss. Full Story


Cochlear implants give boy with Down syndrome new lease on life

Born profoundly deaf, Joshua Copen, 5, has learned to talk and hear with the help of cochlear implants, which many doctors would consider an unconventional approach for a child with Down syndrome. Full Story


Sacramento Girl’s Massive Airway Tumor Treated Successfully Through New Therapy Advanced at Stanford Children’s Health

Novel treatment attempted by Drs. Kay Chang and Mai Thy Truong successfully treated Isabella Manley's tumor. Full Story