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Ultrasound examination of the neck is indispensible for diagnostic evaluation, guidance of procedures including fine needle aspiration biopsy, and mapping of disease in preparation for state-of-the-art thyroid or parathyroid surgical intervention. Ultrasonography is a painless, radiation-free, dynamic, interactive, and noninvasive imaging technique that is convenient and informative to patients as well as their physicians.

Ultrasonography is ideal for the localization and characterization of thyroid and parathyroid disease. Neck ultrasound, often performed as an office- based examination, is the primary imaging modality for the initial assessment as well as the postoperative surveillance of patients with papillary thyroid cancer. A dedicated neck ultrasound to include not only the thyroid gland but also the lymph node compartments should be performed, ideally by a dedicated clinician such as the thyroid endocrinologist, the operating surgeon, or a radiologist with particular interest. The Stanford Endocrine Head and Neck Surgery program offers unique expertise in office-based ultrasonography and ultrasound-guided procedures.