Valley Fellowship Program

Thanks to The Valley Foundation, the Office of Community Engagement, sponsors a paid fellowship program that provides 2nd year medical students (and beyond) the opportunity to work on community-responsive research or service projects that meet the community-identified needs in Santa Clara or San Mateo Counties


Since 2002, OCE has recruited over 100 Valley Fellows whose extraordinary work and contributions have had major impacts to local communities. As a Valley Fellow, you will be part of a community of mutually passionate individuals engaging with local community and fostering HEALTH EQUITY.


We are invested in YOUR success! OCE's faculty and staff will provide leadership and mentorship to support you/your project to achieve your milestones.  We will also help you to build relationships with other Valley Fellows, conduct peer reviews, and build community partnerships.


In addition to the positive impact you are making in the community, you will have an exciting opportunity to be a poster presenter at the annual Community Health Symposium, hosted by OCE each Winter Quarter, to showcase your work and collaboration with your community partner!


We encourage and support your mission and vision when it comes to your project. Whether you have an existing project, a project in mind, or need help identifying a project, OCE will help match you with an organization who has identified the needs or gaps in the community they serve. 2nd year medical students, please apply below:


Now accepting  fellowship applications for the 2020-2021 academic year. Fellowship projects begin/end on the calendar quarter (not academic quarter) to allow time to complete the project.


  • SPRING QUARTER 2021 (April 1-June 30) | Due March 1, 2021 
  •     Eligibility: 20-21 2nd year medical students and above
  • SUMMER QUARTER 2021  (July 1-September 30) | Due June 1, 2021
  •     Eligibility: 20-21 1st year medical students and above
  • FALL QUARTER 2021 (October 1-December 31) | Due September 1, 2021
  •     Eligibility: 21-22 2nd year medical students and above