A course for beginner Principal Investigators who are new to Stanford and are in their first term of appointment, who lead research group in basic or clinical departments. The course combines didactic overview of topics relevant to starting up a research lab, and hands-on workshops on necessary skills.

Past SURGE Sessions

Summer Readings

Professors must support the mental health of traineed during the COVID-19 crisis
By June Gruber. Science Magazine. May 20, 2020.

2020-2021 Workshops

The following workshops will be offered starting September 2020 through May 2021.  All sessions will be held from 12p-1p. 

  • Creating an Identity (online module) 
  • Mentor? Advisor? Coach? Your Role as a New Investigator.  What are the shared and distinct characteristics of the roles of PIs as mentors, advisors and coaches? What are the behaviors that are associated with each role? When and how do effective PIs invoke each role and toward what outcomes?  This session will be an important foundation for new investigators, offering time to learn and reflect on the techniques and knowledge you need in order to meet a broad set of needs and challenges that trainees often bring.  Facilitator: Rania Sanford, EdD, Director of Faculty Professional Development and Executive Coach, Office of Academic Affairs. Wednesday, September 23
  • Getting the Word Out: Recruiting.  (online module)
  • Behavioral Interviewing.  Thursday, October 8
  • Onboarding. (online module)
  • Essential [Remote] Team Process. Thursday, October 26
  • Writing Productivity. Tuesday, November 17
  • One-on-One. (online module)
  • Time Management and the Power of Habit. Tuesday, January 12
  • Active Listening. Monday, February 8
  • Crucial Conversations. Friday, March 12
  • Equity and Inclusion in Teams. Tuesday, April 13
  • The IDP Process for Graduate Students. Thursday, May 6
  • The IDP Process for Postdocs. Monday, May 10