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As we see it, the most impactful type of nutrition science involves having real people in the real world eat real food and experience a real difference in their health and wellness. Human nutrition intervention studies are highly impactful, and at the same time among the most challenging types of studies to conduct (e.g., recruitment, adherence, retention). Most human nutrition studies involve a trade-off of rigor and generalizability:

  • The most rigorous studies are done under tightly controlled conditions with small numbers of participants for short periods of time with very limited generalizability.
  • The most generalizable studies are done with large groups of people for long periods of time which tends to limit the amount of control and rigor that can be exerted, which can limit the significance of the findings.


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Project Probiotic

Project Probiotic

We want to know: How does a probiotic supplement affect the composition of your microbiota, your immune health, and your feelings of health and wellbeing?



Savor: The Mobile App to Encourage and Inspire Mindful Eating

Savor’s mindfulness-based intervention protocol was designed to help increase people’s awareness around eating habits and promote more mindful eating behaviors. The protocol is implemented as a Mobile App, which interacts with the Apple watch wearable.  If interested in participating, please fill out the screening questionnaire:



Diet ID: Validating the Next Generation of Diet Assessment Tools

This 4 week-long study aims to validate a new way to assess a participant's diet.  At the end of the study you will receive $50 gift card and a detailed analysis of your calorie, macronutrient, vitamin and mineral intake.  


WELL Study

WELL for Life wants to better understand what impacts your wellbeing now and over the course of your life. Join our team of 10,000 citizen scientists in the San Francisco Bay Area as we build the research to improve health and wellbeing for all. Click on the words below to complete the survey, and join the team here!

Well for Life

In Progress

Restoring Microbial Diversity


Dietary Restoration of Microbial Diversity: Fiber vs. Fermented Foods

Note: At this time we are not taking any new participants, however we encourage you to fill out a screening questionnaire to be considered for future cohorts: Questionnaire