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Illuminating and Treating Diseases

PET/MRI in Oncology

February 2018

In this book, experts from premier institutions across the world with extensive experience in the field clearly and succinctly describe the current and anticipated uses of PET/MRI in oncology. The book also includes detailed presentations of the MRI and PET technologies as they apply to the combined PET/MRI scanners. The applications of PET/MRI in a wide range of oncological settings are well documented, highlighting characteristic findings, advantages of this dual-modality technique, and pitfalls. Whole-body PET/MRI applications and pediatric oncology are discussed separately. In addition, information is provided on PET technology designs and MR hardware for PET/MRI, MR pulse sequences and contrast agents, attenuation and motion correction, the reliability of standardized uptake value measurements, and safety considerations. The balanced presentation of clinical topics and technical aspects will ensure that the book is of wide appeal. It will serve as a reference for specialists in nuclear medicine and radiology and oncologists and will also be of interest for residents in these fields and technologists.


FDG: Forty Years of Changing Lives


Best Physician/Scientist In-Training

November 2019 Dr. Heying Duan receiving the Best Physician/Scientist In-Training Award at the Western Regional SNMMI Annual Meeting. Congrats Heying!

European Society of Pediatric Nuclear Medicine Lifetime Achievement Award

June 2019 Meg Parisi and Helen Nadel were honored by the European Society of Pediatic Nuclear Medicine with a lifetime achievement award for their contributions to the meetings over the years. Congrats Helen!!

Physician of the Year

December 2018

A truly amazing accomplishment was made this year by one of Nuclear Medicine's very own MD's. Dr. Andrei Iagaru received the award for Physician of the Year. We could not be proudier to be able to work with such an amazing recipient and he could not be more deserving. Congrats Andrei!!

Technologist of the Year

November 2018

This year, Nuclear Medicine is proud to announce that one of our very own technologists won tech of the year; Vinh Nguyen. We are all very proud of this achievement. It is truly a well deserved recognition and testimony to the great work everyone contributes on a daily basis. Congrats Vinh!!

  • A Farewell to Remember

    July 2018 After 10 years with Stanford Health Care, Shawna Kinsella is saying farewell to the Nuclear Medicine team at the main campus and hello to London.

  • 2018 Benedict Cassen Award

    June 2018 The Cassen Prize honors Benedict Cassen, whose invention of the rectilinear radioisotope scanner—the first instrument capable of making an image of radiotracer distribution in body organs of living patients—was seminal to the development of clinical nuclear medicine.

  • The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) Annual Meeting

    June 2018 Stanford had a great presence at this year's annual meeting that took place in Philadelphia, PA.

  • Wagner-Torizuka Fellowship

    June 2018 Akira Toriihara and Tomomi Nobashi, current fellows with Stanford Nuclear Medicine, were recipients of theWagner-Torizuka Fellowship at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI).

  • Lifetime Honorary Medical Staff Award

    May 2018 Dr. Ross McDougall receiving the2018 Lifetime Honorary Medical Staff Award.