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  • Student dies in climbing accident

    Aspiring immunologist Maria Birukova was an experienced mountaineer, and was studying ways to treat with chronic wounds. She died on Sept. 18.

  • Pediatric pulmonologist Nanci Yuan dies

    Yuan led the development of the Pediatric Sleep Center at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford and advanced care for children whose breathing was impaired by severe muscular disease.

  • Cardiologist Alfred Spivack dies at 87

    Spivack, who founded the coronary care unit at Stanford, was an early champion of increasing nurses' role in caring for cardiology patients.

  • Radiologist Gerald Friedland dies

    The former chief of the Veterans Affairs medical center in Palo Alto was remembered as a hard-working, generous mentor to generations of medical residents, and a caring husband and father.

  • Lars Vistnes dies at 88

    The specialist in oculoplastic surgery performed reconstructive procedures in the developing world and mentored new faculty.

  • Harry Oberhelman dies at 92

    Oberhelman, who trained more than 160 surgical residents and served as chief of general surgery for decades, died Feb. 10.

  • Holbrook Kohrt dies at 38

    Kohrt, an assistant professor of oncology who suffered from hemophilia, was remembered for his passion for helping patients and advancing research in the use of the immune system to fight cancer.

  • Robert Swenson dies at 82

    Swenson, a leader in the nephrology division at Stanford for decades, administered dialysis to some of the earliest patients awaiting kidney transplants.

  • Oleg Jardetzky dies at 86

    The imaging expert founded two of the world’s first laboratories dedicated to using nuclear magnetic resonance to study biological molecules.

  • Radiologist Herbert Abrams dies at 95

    Abrams’ multi-faceted career embraced patient care, teaching and medical research as well as a passionate advocacy for world peace.