Topic List : Global Health

  • Experts: Funding ban harms women

    “The reinstatement of the Mexico City policy is a stark example of ‘evidence-free’ policy making that ignores the best scientific data,” Nathan Lo and Michele Barry write.

  • Test could help prevent TB deaths

    A Stanford investigator and his colleagues found that a screening test for tuberculosis was a good predictor of whether children infected with the bacteria would become sick.

  • Global health seed grants announced

    The Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health has awarded funding to six multidisciplinary research teams to jump-start novel efforts to address global health challenges.

  • Gay physicians may face challenges abroad

    Being gay and working in global health presents a unique set of issues, as many countries treat homosexuality as a crime, punishable by prison or death.

  • Podcast: The challenges of global mental health

    Vikram Patel, PhD, is one of the most recognized leaders in the global mental health movement. In this podcast, he discusses the enormous challenges and opportunities of global mental health.

  • Children in high-mortality hotspots

    A new spatial analysis from Stanford shows that progress in combating child mortality has been highly uneven, even within countries where overall declines are substantial…

  • Mothers’ quandary on female circumcision

    More Egyptian women are seeking the opinions of physicians on whether their daughters should undergo female genital cutting, which is illegal in the country, but they say doctors don’t advise against the procedure.

  • A lifesaving needle

    In Madagascar, S.V. Mahadevan taught health-care workers how to insert a special needle into bone to gain access to the circulatory system. The technique was used to successfully treat a 2-month-old on the island with a life-threatening infection.

  • Bhatt awarded Rosenkranz Prize

    The physician-scientist intends to use the prize money to execute the first multinational microbiome research project focused on noncommunicable disease risk in Africa.

  • Conversations in Global Health: Nancy Snyderman

    Speaking recently at Stanford's Conversations in Global Health seminar, Nancy Snyderman shared what it was like to be both a physician and journalist reporting from war zones, refugee camps and amidst major public health crises – and how to decide when to wear which hat.