1:2:1 Podcast : Preventive Medicine

  • Keeping the pounds off

    Would you take part in a weight-loss program in which you were explicitly asked not to lose any weight for the first eight weeks? Stanford researchers conducted a study that showed women who mastered skills for maintaining their weight before they began a diet were better able to avoid regaining the weight. In this podcast, Michaela Kiernan, PhD, a senior research scientist at the Stanford Prevention Research Center and the lead author of the study, talks about the unorthodox “maintenance-first" approach and how it could help those who are trying to slim down and be healthier.

  • John Ioannidis on study design

    How should you interpret biomedical study results? In this podcast, study design expert John Ioannidis, MD, DSc, discusses what he views as the major problems with biomedical research and ways to strengthen how research is planned, carried out and reported.