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Posted 2:49 PM, March 16, 2011, by susani

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I can't count the number of races I was in with him but not once did I catch him and usually didn't manage to finish even close, no matter how hard I tried...and I did try hard!
He was always so interesting to talk with after an event. We're so sorry to lose another one of the great ones...great both in his athletics and his science.

Comment by: Theo Jones at March 22, 2011 12:24 PM

I had the pleasure of working with Peter while I was at Runner's World in the late 1970s and early '80s and was editor on his book The California Diet. He was always a pleasure to work with, both because of his enthusiasm and his ability, as a writer, to bridge the gap between the academic and the practical--he made the scientific easily accessible to the lay reader. When I started Marathon & Beyond in 1997 and we put together a Science Advisory Board, there was only one logical choice for chairman, and that was Peter. He brought a quiet energy to the post. As for his own running, although he remained scientific about the reality of slowing down with age, he was never happy about it, as though his body had betrayed him. He always wanted to do Boston or New York one more time. His deep wisdom and his ready chuckle will be dearly missed.

Comment by: Rich Benyo, Forestville, CA at March 24, 2011 9:03 AM

My 30+ years of Peter Wood memories include an amazing set of visual images - Peter in his Union Jack running shorts (while training for & running marathons together), in his Herne Hill Harrier red & black striped running top (beside a party full of friends in their own red & black striped tops honoring him at one of his retirement parties); as the Tin Man for our Wizard of Oz Halloween theme and as a Celery Stalk for our Fruit & Veggie theme; as "Ebekinezer Screwed Up" ("SCRDP" Scrooge) in our Christmas Carol skit and King Tut (in Union Jack shorts) in our "We 3 Kings, Disoriented are" play; and of course, in professional attire at the podium of many scientific meetings & NIH Consensus Conferences, presenting with his elegant British accent (with an Aussie-American touch); and in his Christmas jacket as the HOST of his annual holiday party; and so many more.

Comment by: Marcia Stefanick Stanford U. at March 25, 2011 7:58 PM

Peter Wood was very much responsible for my getting involved in exercise research. He provided much encouragement and spent endless hours helping me get my first papers in shape. It was through him that I met many who became leading researchers in the field: Bill Haskell, Paul Thompson, Steven Blair, Marcia Stefanick, Bob Jeffery, Rena Wing, Ralph Paffenbarger, and many more. I had the privilege of working on his important clinical trials on the health benefits of exercise. I learned from him that even when funding was a struggle, to always keep a positive attitude and to continue to fight the good fight. I spent hours in his office talking about the Great War, Australia, cars, raising children. He was so kind to always invite me to his Christmas parties, which were always a cut above. He always made time for me. He will remain one of the great influences in my life, and I miss him dearly.

Comment by: Paul Williams, Berkeley CA at July 12, 2011 8:30 PM