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Physician journalist Nancy Snyderman on covering global health

For almost three decades, Nancy Snyderman, MD, has combined careers as a head and neck cancer surgeon, network television correspondent and advisor to Fortune 500 corporations. As former chief medical editor for NBC News and a medical journalist for ABC News, she has traveled the world extensively and reported from some of the world’s most troubled areas – from Syrian refugee camps in the Middle East to Liberia during Ebola. Speaking recently at Stanford's Conversations in Global Health seminar, she shared what it was like to be both a physician and journalist reporting from war zones, refugee camps and amidst major public health crises – and how to decide when to wear which hat. Snyderman is a bestselling author and her reporting has garnered her some of the industry’s most distinguished honors. She recently joined Stanford Medicine as a consulting professor with Stanford’s Center for Innovation in Global Health.

Length: 31 mins. 47 sec.

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