On the campaign: What medical center leaders are saying

Philip Pizzo

“One of the most differentiating factors of the Stanford School of Medicine — built into the history of this institution, very much part of its DNA — is a willingness to take on the really hard problems, a willingness to say, ‘You think that can’t be done? We’re going to do it. And let us show you how.’ That’s been our history through now, and that will be our work for the future. The Campaign for Stanford Medicine is about bringing forth new ideas and leveraging them in unique ways that will transform our community and galvanize the world.” — Philip Pizzo, MD, dean of the Stanford School of Medicine

Amir Dan Rubin

“At Stanford Hospital & Clinics we strive to heal humanity through science and compassion, one patient at a time, through our commitment to care, educate and discover.  Each day we focus on improving health and alleviating suffering for those in our community and beyond. The Campaign for Stanford Medicine will help usher in a new era of health care, through a transformative new hospital for innovative models of leading-edge and highly coordinated patient-centered care, and through an acceleration in the pace of discovery and innovation for which Stanford is known worldwide.” — Amir Dan Rubin, president and CEO of Stanford Hospital & Clinics

Mariann Byerwalter

“In its first 50 years, Stanford Hospital enhanced life and health in ways that surpassed even the dreams of its founders. This progress was achieved not by one institution but by many community leaders, friends, philanthropic partners and visionaries working together to meet the challenges of their time. Through this new hospital and this campaign, Stanford Medicine will again join forces with its partners to write new chapters in healing, teaching and discovery. What’s ahead promises to be even more remarkable.” — Mariann Byerwalter, chair of the Stanford Hospital board of directors


Ron Johnson

“When you think about the great leaps forward in human history — social, economic, technological — they usually occurred because a significant breakthrough collided with a pressing need. That’s where we are in medicine right now: We are at the intersection of incredible scientific potential and pressing human need. Dramatic biomedical breakthroughs lie just ahead. At the same time we have a critical need to make sure high-quality, affordable health care is available to all. Stanford Medicine, in partnership with this community, will help lead this transformation. And all of us — individuals, corporations, members of this community — are part of the equation.” — Ron Johnson, CEO of JC Penney and a co-chair of the Campaign for Stanford Medicine

Jen-Hsun Huang

“Stanford’s world-class medical center will be a landmark in Silicon Valley. Supporting this project expresses NVIDIA’s culture of supporting innovation and contributing to our communities. We are thrilled that our employees, their families and others will be able to benefit from this ground-breaking program.” — Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO of NVIDIA, which is the latest company to join the Stanford Hospital Corporate Partners initiative

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