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  • Minor reappointed med school dean

    In his first four years at Stanford, Lloyd Minor has established the vision of precision health while also strengthening the ties within Stanford Medicine and promoting diversity.

  • Hospital bids farewell to twins

    The 2½-year-old sisters, who were surgically separated at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford in December, moved March 9 from Palo Alto to UC-Davis Children’s Hospital in Sacramento.

  • Mom’s CPR saves son

    Jose Agredano Jr. got CPR from his mother after being struck in the chest by the ball during a soccer game — an impact that triggered a rare and often lethal medical condition.

  • Podcast: The relationship between science and magic

    When he’s not developing computer models to improve cancer detection, Parag Mallick, PhD, is juggling fire, walking on stilts or mastering card tricks. In this podcast, he talks about how he became a member of a professional performance troupe and the relationship between science and magic.

  • A call to harness mindset for healing

    Researchers encourage more health care providers to place emphasis on the importance of people’s mindsets and social context in healing.

  • Training improves memory, changes brain

    Stanford scientists found that teaching ordinary people a technique used by “memory athletes” not only boosted their recall ability but also induced lasting changes in the organization of their brains.

  • Stanford joins UC health-research alliance

    Stanford has joined five University of California campuses to streamline research aimed at improving the health of the nation.

  • Accelerating discovery by orders of magnitude

    Polly Fordyce and her team use microfluidic tools to understand protein interactions in the body — knowledge that could help researchers develop therapeutics for a variety of diseases.

  • Podcast: Portraits of Stanford Medicine

    This is the first installment in a special 1:2:1 series that will introduce you to the many faces of Stanford Medicine. In this podcast, Timothy Keyes, a second-year MD/PhD student, shares what influenced him to consider a career in medicine and what challenges he’s faced in his career so far.

  • Ned named assistant dean of MD admissions

    A longtime advocate for diversity and community outreach at Stanford has been appointed to help lead the medical admissions office.


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