Clinical Focus

Dr. Halpern focuses on the surgical treatment of movement disorders and epilepsy and has particular interest in the latest available minimally invasive surgical technologies, as well as neurostimulation procedures. His approaches target Parkinson's, obesity, epilepsy, depression, and more.

NeuroPace RNS

The RNS® System is the only medical device that is smart enough to respond to what’s happening in your brain to stop seizures at their source. You don’t have to think about it — once your doctor programs the RNS System to detect and respond to your brain activity, it automatically delivers treatment when you need it. Dr. Halpern and Stanford Medicine are one of the first to provide this novel surgical therapy to patients.

Proven seizure control that is safe and effective

The RNS® System is a proven treatment option for adults who have disabling seizures that are not controlled by medication. It provides unnoticiable targeted treatment.

In clinical studies, the RNS System was shown to significantly reduce seizures, with continued improvement over time. Patients also reported better cognitive function, quality of life, and mood. The RNS System is not another drug. It works without producing the side effects associated with many antiseizure medications, such as dizziness, drowsiness, or cognitive impairments.