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Intravenous Transplantation Of Mesenchymal Progenitors Distribute Solely To The Lungs And Improve Outcomes in Cervical Spinal Cord InjuryStem CellsSeok Voon White1,3Chris E. Czisch1May H. Han2Christine D. Plant1Alan R. Harvey3,4 an Giles W. Plant2016 DOI: 10.1002/stem.2364

Neural Placode Tissue Derived From Myelomeningocele Repair Serves as a Viable Source of Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells. Neurosurgery Mitra, S. S., Feroze, A. H., Gholamin, S., Richard, C., Esparza, R., Zhang, M., Azad, T. D., Alrfaei, B., Kahn, S. A., Hutter, G., Guzman, R., Creasey, G. H., Plant, G. W., Weissman, I. L., Edwards, M. S., Cheshier, S. 2015; 77 (5): 794-802

Geometrical versus Random beta-TCP Scaffolds: Exploring the Effects on Schwann Cell Growth and Behavior. PLOS ONE Sweet, L., Kang, Y., Czisch, C., Witek, L., Shi, Y., Smay, J., Plant, G. W., Yang, Y. 2015; 10 (10)

Large animal and primate models of spinal cord injury for the testing of novel therapies. EXPERIMENTAL NEUROLOGY Kwon, B. K., Streijger, F., Hill, C. E., Anderson, A. J., Bacon, M., Beattie, M. S., Blesch, A., Bradbury, E. J., Brown, A., Bresnahan, J. C., Case, C. C., Colburn, R. W., David, S., Fawcett, J. W., Ferguson, A. R., Fischer, I., Floyd, C. L., Gensel, J. C., Houle, J. D., Jakeman, L. B., Jeffery, N. D., Jones, L. A., Kleitman, N., Kocsis, J., Lu, P., Magnuson, D. S., Marsala, M., Moore, S. W., Mothe, A. J., Oudega, M., Plant, G. W., Rabchevsky, A. S., Schwab, J. M., Silver, J., Steward, O., Xu, X., Guest, J. D., Tetzlaff, W. 2015; 269: 154-168

Hierarchical Patterning of Multifunctional Conducting Polymer Nanoparticles as a Bionic Platform for Topographic Contact Guidance. ACS NANO Ho, D., Zou, J., Chen, X., Munshi, A., Smith, N. M., Agarwal, V., Hodgetts, S. I., Plant, G. W., Bakker, A. J., Harvey, A. R., Luzinov, I., Iyer, K. S. 2015; 9 (2): 1767-1774

Changes in expression of Class 3 Semaphorins and their receptors during development of the rat retina and superior colliculus. BMC DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY Sharma, A., LeVaillant, C. J., Plant, G. W., Harvey, A. R. 2014; 14

Immunohistochemical, Ultrastructural and Functional Analysis of Axonal Regeneration through Peripheral Nerve Grafts Containing Schwann Cells Expressing BDNF, CNTF or NT3. PloS one Godinho M. J., Teh L., Pollett M. A., Goodman D., Hodgetts S. I., Sweetman I., Walters M., Verhaagen J., Plant G. W., Harvey A. R. 2013; 8 (8)

Human Mesenchymal Precursor Cells (Stro-1(+)) From Spinal Cord Injury Patients Improve Functional Recovery and Tissue Sparing in an Acute Spinal Cord Injury Rat Model CELL TRANSPLANTATION Hodgetts S. I., Simmons P. J., Plant G. W. 2013; 22 (3): 393-412

Magnetic field directed fabrication of conducting polymer nanowires. Chemical communications (Cambridge, England) Ho D., Peerzade S. A., Becker T., Hodgetts S. I., Harvey A. R., Plant G. W., Woodward R. C., Luzinov I., St Pierre T. G., Iyer K. S. 2013; 49 (64): 7138-40

A comparison of the behavioral and anatomical outcomes in sub-acute and chronic spinal cord injury models following treatment with human mesenchymal precursor cell transplantation and recombinant decorin.Experimental neurology Hodgetts S. I., Simmons P. J., Plant G. W. 2013

Systematic Review of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Technology as a Potential Clinical Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury CELL TRANSPLANTATION Kramer A. S., Harvey A. R., Plant G. W., Hodgetts S. I. 2013; 22 (4): 571-617

Changes in mRNA Expression of Class 3 Semaphorins and Their Receptors in the Adult Rat Retino-Collicular System after Unilateral Optic Nerve Injury INVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY & VISUAL SCIENCE Sharma A., Pollett M. A., Plant G. W., Harvey A. R. 2012; 53 (13): 8367-8377

Scaffolds to promote spinal cord regeneration. Handbook of clinical neurology Sakiyama-Elbert S., Johnson P. J., Hodgetts S. I., Plant G. W., Harvey A. R. 2012; 109: 575-594

Embryonic-derived olfactory ensheathing cells remyelinate focal areas of spinal cord demyelination more efficiently than neonatal or adult derived cells. Cell transplantation Coutts D. J., Humphries C. E., Zhao C., Plant G. W., Franklin R. J. 2012

Olfactory ensheathing glia: Repairing injury to the mammalian visual system EXPERIMENTAL NEUROLOGY Plant G. W., Harvey A. R., Leaver S. G., Lee S. V. 2011; 229 (1): 99-108

Lack of fibulin-3 alters regenerative tissue responses in the primary olfactory pathway MATRIX BIOLOGY Vukovic J., Marmorstein L. Y., McLaughlin P. J., Sasaki T., Plant G. W., Harvey A. R., Ruitenberg M. J. 2009; 28 (7): 406-415

The Glycoprotein Fibulin-3 Regulates Morphology and Motility of Olfactory Ensheathing Cells In Vitro GLIA Vukovic J., Ruitenberg M. J., Roet K., Franssen E., Arulpragasam A., Sasaki T., Verhaagen J., Harvey A. R., Busfield S. J., Plant G. W. 2009; 57 (4): 424-443

Use of GFP to analyze morphology, connectivity, and function of cells in the central nervous system. Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) Harvey A. R., Ehlert E., de Wit J., Drummond E. S., Pollett M. A., Ruitenberg M., Plant G. W., Verhaagen J., Levelt C. N. 2009; 515: 63-95

CX3CL1/fractalkine regulates branching and migration of monocyte-derived cells in the mouse olfactory epithelium JOURNAL OF NEUROIMMUNOLOGY Ruitenberg M. J., Vukovic J., Blomster L., Hall J. M., Jung S., Filgueira L., Mcmenamin P. G., Plant G. W. 2008; 205 (1-2): 80-85

The importance of transgene and cell type on the regeneration of adult retinal ganglion cell axons within reconstituted bridging grafts EXPERIMENTAL NEUROLOGY Hu Y., Arulpragasam A., Plant G. W., Hendriks W. T., Cui Q., Harvey A. R. 2007; 207 (2): 314-328

Culture conditions affect proliferative responsiveness of olfactory ensheathing glia to neuregulins GLIA De Mello T. R., Busfield S., Dunlop S. A., Plant G. W. 2007; 55 (7): 734-745

The chemokine receptorCX(3)CR1 mediates homing of MHC class II - Positive cells to the normal mouse corneal epithelium INVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY & VISUAL SCIENCE Chinnery H. R., Ruitenberg M. J., Plant G. W., Pearlman E., Jung S., McMenamin P. G. 2007; 48 (4): 1568-1574

Influence of adult Schwann cells and olfactory ensheathing glia on axon-target cell interactions in the CNS: a comparative analysis using a retinotectal co-graft model NEURON GLIA BIOLOGY Vukovic J., Plant G. W., Ruitenberg M. J., Harvey A. R. 2007; 3: 105-117

AAV-mediated expression of CNTF promotes long-term survival and regeneration of adult rat retinal ganglion cells GENE THERAPY Leaver S. G., Cui Q., Plant G. W., Arulpragasam A., Hisheh S., Verhaagen J., Harvey A. R. 2006; 13 (18): 1328-1341

Gene therapy and transplantation in CNS repair: The visual system PROGRESS IN RETINAL AND EYE RESEARCH Harvey A. R., Hu Y., Leaver S. G., Mellough C. B., Park K., Verhaagen J., Plant G. W., Cui Q. 2006; 25 (5): 449-489

Adult olfactory ensheathing glia promote the long-distance growth of adult retinal ganglion cell neurites in vitro GLIA Leaver S. G., Harvey A. R., Plant G. W. 2006; 53 (5): 467-476

Olfactory ensheathing cells: Characteristics, genetic engineering, and therapeutic potential JOURNAL OF NEUROTRAUMA Ruitenberg M. J., Vukovic J., Sarich J., Busfield S. J., Plant G. W. 2006; 23 (3-4): 468-478

Lentiviral-mediated transfer of CNTF to Schwann cells within reconstructed peripheral nerve grafts enhances adult retinal ganglion cell survival and axonal regeneration MOLECULAR THERAPY Hu Y., Leaver S. G., Plant G. W., Hendriks W. T., Niclou S. P., Verhaagen J., Harvey A. R., Cui Q. 2005; 11 (6): 906-915

NT-3 expression from engineered olfactory ensheathing glia promotes spinal sparing and regeneration BRAIN Ruitenberg M. J., Levison D. B., Lee S. V., Verhaagen J., Harvey A. R., Plant G. W. 2005; 128: 839-853

Ex vivo adenoviral vector-mediated neurotrophin gene transfer to olfactory ensheathing glia: Effects on rubrospinal tract regeneration, lesion size, and functional recovery after implantation in the injured rat spinal cord JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE Ruitenberg M. J., Plant G. W., Hamers F. P., Wortel J., Blits B., Dijkhuizen P. A., Gispen W. H., Boer G. J., Verhaagen J. 2003; 23 (18): 7045-7058

Delayed transplantation of olfactory ensheathing glia promotes sparing/regeneration of supraspinal axons in the contused adult rat spinal cord JOURNAL OF NEUROTRAUMA Plant G. W., Christensen C. L., Oudega M., Bunge M. B. 2003; 20 (1): 1-16

A new approach to CNS repair using chimeric peripheral nerve grafts JOURNAL OF NEUROTRAUMA Cui Q., Pollett M. A., Symons N. A., Plant G. W., Harvey A. R. 2003; 20 (1): 17-31

Purified adult ensheathing glia fail to myelinate axons under culture conditions that enable Schwann cells to form myelin JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE Plant G. W., Currier P. F., Cuervo E. P., Bates M. L., Pressman Y., Bunge M. B., Wood P. M. 2002; 22 (14): 6083-6091

Viral vector-mediated gene expression in olfactory ensheathing glia implants in the lesioned rat spinal cord GENE THERAPY Ruitenberg M. J., Plant G. W., Christensen C. L., Blits B., Niclou S. P., Harvey A. R., Boer G. J., Verhaagen J. 2002; 9 (2): 135-146

Mitogenic response of adult rat olfactory ensheathing glia to four growth factors GLIA Yan H., Bunge M. B., Wood P. M., Plant G. W. 2001; 33 (4): 334-342

Inhibitory proteoglycan immunoreactivity is higher at the caudal than the rostral Schwann cell graft-transected spinal cord interface MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR NEUROSCIENCE Plant G. W., Bates M. L., Bunge M. B. 2001; 17 (3): 471-487

A new type of biocompatible bridging structure supports axon regrowth after implantation into the lesioned rat optic tract CELL TRANSPLANTATION Plant G. W., Harvey A. R. 2000; 9 (6): 759-772

Poly(alpha-hydroxyacids) for application in the spinal cord: Resorbability and biocompatibility with adult rat Schwann cells and spinal cord JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS RESEARCH Gautier S. E., Oudega M., Fragoso M., Chapon P., Plant G. W., Bunge M. B., Parel J. M. 1998; 42 (4): 642-654

Implantation of collagen IV Poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) hydrogels containing schwann cells into the lesioned rat optic tract CELL TRANSPLANTATION Plant G. W., Chirila T. V., Harvey A. R. 1998; 7 (4): 381-391

Long-distance axonal regeneration in the transected adult rat spinal cord is promoted by olfactory ensheathing glia transplants JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE Ramon-Cueto A., Plant G. W., Avila J., Bunge M. B. 1998; 18 (10): 3803-3815

In vitro assessment of the biological activity of basic fibroblast growth factor released from various polymers and biomatrices JOURNAL OF BIOMATERIALS APPLICATIONS Davies M. J., Mitchell C. A., Maley M. A., Grounds M. D., Harvey A. R., Plant G. W., Wood D. J., Hong Y., Chirila T. V. 1997; 12 (1): 31-56

Hydrogels containing peptide or aminosugar sequences implanted into the rat brain: Influence on cellular migration and axonal growth EXPERIMENTAL NEUROLOGY Plant G. W., Woerly S., Harvey A. R. 1997; 143 (2): 287-299

Cultured rat neuronal and glial cells entrapped within hydrogel polymer matrices: A potential tool for neural tissue replacement NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS Woerly S., Plant G. W., Harvey A. R. 1996; 205 (3): 197-201

Neural tissue engineering: From polymer to biohybrid organs BIOMATERIALS Woerly S., Plant G. W., Harvey A. R. 1996; 17 (3): 301-310

Schwann-cells and fetal tecal tissue cografted to the midbrain of newborn rats - fate of Schwann-cells and their influence on host retinal innervation of grafts EXPERIMENTAL NEUROLOGY Harvey A. R., Plant G. W. 1995; 134 (2): 179-191

Axonal growth within Poly (2-Hydroxyethyl methacrylate) sponges infiltrated with Schwann-cells and implated into the lesioned rat optic tract BRAIN RESEARCH Plant G. W., Harvey A. R., Chirila T. V. 1995; 671 (1): 119-130

Regrowth of axons within Schwann cell-filled polycarbonate tubes implanted into the damaged optic tract and cerebral-cortex of rats RESTORATIVE NEUROLOGY AND NEUROSCIENCE Harvey A. R., Chen M., Plant G. W., Dyson S. E. 1994; 6 (3): 221-237

The distribution of astrocytes, oligodendroglia and myelin in normal and transplanted rat superior colliculus - an immunohistochemical study JOURNAL OF NEURAL TRANSPLANTATION & PLASTICITY Harvey A. R., Plant G. W., Kent A. P. 1993; 4 (1): 1-14

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