Neurosurgery Faculty Research Meetings

The Department of Neurosurgery is excited to host monthly discussions highlighting our latest research. Faculty, residents, clinical instructors, post docs and medical students are encouraged to attend.

Location: G1161 in Lorry Lokey 1st floor, 12-1pm. Light lunch provided.

1/27/2017 – John Huguenard, PhD; Title: "The next wave of optogenetics in epilepsy treatments"

2/24/2017 - Paul Nuyujukian, MD, PhD; Title: "Brain Machine Interfaces for Neurological Disorders"

3/31/2017 – EJ Chichilnisky, PhD; Title: “Design of advanced retinal prosthesis and implications for brain-machine interface”

4/28/2017 – Ivan Soltesz, PhD; Title: "Organization and control of hippocampal circuits"

5/26/2017 – John Adler, MD; Title "New Directions in Radiosurgery"

6/30/2017 -  Brad Zuchero, PhD; Title "How do oligodendrocytes build the myelin sheath?"

7/28/2017 – Heng Zhao, PhD; Title "The Role of Monocytes in Brain Injury and Recovery in Stroke"

8/25/2017 – Tom Südhof, MD; Title "Studying synapses in health and disease"

9/29/2017 -  Maheen Adamson, PhD; Title "Advanced diagnostics and non-invasive treatments for brain injury"

10/27/2017 – Julia Kaltschmidt, PhD; Title "Interneuron circuitry in the spinal cord"

11/17/2017 – Xinnan Wang, PhD; Title "Mitochondrial quality control: new biomarkers and targets for Parkinson's disease"

* December meeting canceled due to holiday