Neuroendocrine Testing

Special dynamic studies are often needed for the diagnosis of pituitary disorders. These studies are performed by experienced physicians and nurses. The Stanford Pituitary Center provides this service for endocrine patients. Testing may be done both pre and post-operatively to assess pituitary.

Services Offered

  • A dedicated neuroendocrine testing facility for performing dynamic studies
  • Dynamic tests include: cortrosyn stimulation tests, growth hormone stimulation and suppression tests, and CRH stimulation tests.
  • Services are available to Stanford physicians and local and regional physicians.
  • Patient monitoring is available for growth hormone initiation and titration.
  • The Pituitary Center can arrange for complete outpatient or in-patient diagnostic testing for Cushing's syndrome, including bilateral inferior petrosal sinus ACTH sampling which is an important diagnostic tool in patients with Cushing's disease without tumors visable on head MRI scans.
  • Interpreted test results are provided to the referring physician and to medical records.
  • Administration of endocrine therapy injections.