The Harris Neuroscience Internship

The Harris Neuroscience Internship provides funding for 6-8 weeks each summer to support a high school student (rising grade 10-12, must be 16 years old at beginning of internship) in completing scholarly activities in Neuroscience and Neurosurgery focused on topics related to gender and/or health care disparities in the neurosciences.

In addition to the scholarly project interns are expected to:

 - Attend a weekly Rehabilitation Research Meeting focused on theory and methods in medical education and research under the supervision of the Deputy Chief of Staff/Director of Brain Injury and Defense and Veteran Brain Injury Center Senior Scientist.

- Participate in at least one activity/project of their choice during the fellowhship year that promotes increased engagement with girls and/or under-represented minorities.

The program will provide $1000 support to each selected intern as well as administrative and project support through the Department of Neurosurgery. 

Application Requirements

Interested applicants must submit the following materials for consideration to

- A Cover Letter that includes:
1. Name of Applicant
    2. Grade in the upcoming Fall of the School Year
3. Name of School
    4. Contact Information
    5. Letter of recommendation from a Math and/or Science Teacher (Teachers may email letters directly to:
    6. Completed parent/legal guardian approval form.

- A response to the following prompt
(500 Word Limit):
Question: As you look at the world, what would you want to change and how would science play a part?

Selected interns will be asked to undergo all hospital and University required clearances outlined in the following checklist and form:

2020-2021 Interns

Kate Richardson

Ethan Lee

2019-2020 Interns

Athena Burrs-President

Alana Kaplinsky

Paridhi Goel

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