Jenna Klotz, MD


Medical school: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, 2008-2012

Graduate school: University of Cincinnati, MS Physiology, 2008

Undergraduate: College of William and Mary, 1998-2002


  • Pediatric neuromuscular and movement disorders
  • Infectious diseases
  • Advocacy
  • Medical education 


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Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Community and Advocacy Grant, 2013

Samuel A. Trufant Award for excellence in the field of Neurology, 2012

University of Cincinnati Medical College Alumni Award, 2012

Gold Humanism Honor Society, 2011

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society, 2011

American Medical Association Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship, 2011

Spirit of Community Award, 2010

Pharmacology Recognition Award, 2010

McGraw-Hill Publishing Award, 2009

Physiology Award, 2009

Mark A. Snowdon Memorial Award, 2008