The Stanford Headache Program Research

Dr. Cowan’s clinical research focuses on the use of technology to improve encounter efficiency and outcomes in headache medicine. Present projects include development of on-line tools to generate detailed patient histories and delineation of diagnostic impressions based on established criteria, and app-based tools for monitoring headaches, trigger exposure, lifestyle decisions and integrating them with predictive modeling, deep phenotyping, and big data to help patients and their doctors to better manage headache disorders.

His basic research focuses on translational approaches to better understand the chronification process in headache. Utilizing technologies ranging from resting state imaging to microanalysis of cerebrospinal fluid and blood, his team is looking at changes present in patients who suffer with headache more days than not. The goal is to identify ways that these changes, in conjunction with novel therapies such as transcranial magnetic stimulation, new pharmacologic therapies, and interventional techniques will result in fewer, less severe headaches.