Thursday Resident Conference Schedule 2017-2018

Time: 12:30pm & 1:30 pm     Location: Lucas Center, Glazer Conference Room P083

Date Time Topic   Speaker
6/29/2017 12:30 PM Acquired White Matter Disease Small vessel ischemic changes, demyelinating disease, vasculitis, Susac, post-anoxic demyelination, methothrexate, metronidazole, etc. Dr. Nancy Fischbein
6/29/2017 1:30 PM Basal Ganglia and Thalamus Toxic (HII, CO, methanol, ethanol), metabolic (liver disease), vascular (venous thrombosis, arterial infarction), infectious (CJD, viral), tumor (glioma, lymphoma, met), toxo, Dr. Michael Iv
7/20/2017 12:30 PM Cranial Nerves (upper)   Dr. Nancy Fischbein
7/20/2017 1:30 PM Cranial Nerves (lower)   Dr. Nancy Fischbein
8/17/2017 12:30 PM Adult Brain Tumors   Dr. Michael Iv
8/17/2017 1:30 PM Introduction to Advanced Imaging: DTI, fMRI, Spect   Dr. Michael Zeineh
9/21/2017 12:30 PM Peds Brain: Tumors   Peds
9/21/2017 1:30 PM Peds Brain: Metabolic, Toxic, Inflammatory   Peds
10/19/2017 12:30 PM Sella/suprasellar, pineal region Pituitary adenoma, Rathke cleft cyst, pituicytoma (?), hypophysitis, craniopharyngioma, aneurysm, 3rd ventricle (cav mal, chordoid glioma, colloid cyst), germ cell tumor; invasive pit adenoma and meningioma Dr. Eric Tranvinh
10/19/2017 1:30 PM Anterior and Central Skull Base Cephaloceles, esthesioneuroblastoma, meningioma, cavernous sinus pathology, clival tumors, etc. Dr. Nancy Fischbein
11/16/2017 12:30 PM CANCELLED    
11/16/2017 1:30 PM CANCELLED   Peds
12/14/2017 12:30 PM Orbits + visual pathways Infection, tumor, pseudotumor, more Dr. Tarik Massoud
12/14/2017 1:30 PM Sinonasal cavity Anatomy, inflammatory disease, tumor, infection Dr. Mrudula Penta
1/4/2018 12:30 PM Cerebellopontine Angle and Basilar Cisterns Schwannoma (8th, 5th, etc.), meningioma, cysts (arachnoid, epidermoid), lipoma, ELST; aneurysm; trigeminal neuralgia Dr. Bryan Lanzman
1/4/2018 1:30 PM Temporal Bone and Petrous Apex Anatomy; congenital malforations?; effusion/infection and sequelae, cholesteastoma, MEC tumors (e.g., glomus); aberrant anatomy/dehiscences; otosclerosis, etc. Effusion, apicitis, cholesterol granuloma, cholesteatoma, cephalocele, others. Dr. Bryan Lanzman
1/18/2018 12:30 PM Spinal infection/inflammation/myelopathy and vascular lesions Demyelinating disease (MS, NMO), column specific pathology, (SCD/B12 deficiency, NO toxicity, copper deficiency, syphillis, wallerian degeneration, MTX, HIV), other myelopathy, infection/inflammation Dr. Eric Tranvinh
1/18/2018 1:30 PM CNS infection Pyogenic, viral, mycobacterial and fungal; opportunistic (toxo, crypto, PML, HIVE); mimics: sarcoidosis, LM mets, limbic encephalitis Dr. Nancy Fischbein
2/15/2018 12:15 PM Dural and Leptomeningeal Anatomy and Disease Lots of review: Extra-axial tumors and mimics, collections review, subarachnoid space (infection, tumor, mimics review) Dr. Eric Tranvinh
2/15/2018 1:15 PM Emergencies of the Head and Neck Vascular: dissection, thrombosis; infection: odontogenic abscess, deep neck infections, retropharyngeal abscess (vs effusion), airway Dr. Nancy Fischbein
4/19/2018 12:30 PM Orbits+Visual Pathways Infection, tumor, pseudotumor, more Dr. Tarik Massoud
4/19/2018 1:30 PM Hydrocephalus, cysts, and CSF dynamics (obstructive, non-obstructive; hypotension, hypertension) Obstructive and nonobstructive, NPH; IIH, intracranial hypotesion/CSF leak; arachnoid, epidermoid, colloid, neuroepithelial, neuroglial, etc. Dr. Syed Hashmi
4/26/2018 12:30 PM   Interesting Cases
4/26/2018 1:30 PM   Interesting Cases
5/3/18 12:30 PM
Epilepsy and Temporal Lobe Disease
Temporal Lobe (MTS, tumors, infection/paraneoplastic); other (cortical dysplasia, tumors, heterotopia); status epilepticus Dr. Michael Zeineh
5/3/18 1:30 PM Neurodegenerative Disorders
Alzheimer's, frontotemporal. etc,; PSP, MSA-C, NBIA, etc. Dr. Michael Zeineh





5/17/2018 12:30 PM Peds Brain: Congenital Malformations e.g., Chiari, DWS, rhombencephalsynapsis, molar-tooth; holoprosencephaly and related midline malformations, hydranencephaly, schizencephaly, cortical malformations

Dr. Barnes

5/17/2018 1:30 PM Peds Brain: Phakomatoses SWS, TS, NCM, CHARGE Barnes
5/24/2018 12:30 PM Toxic, Metabolic, and Global Injury
Ischemic changes, Hypoxia/anoxia, CO, alcohol (Wernicke), methanol, ethlyene glycol, ammonia, osmotic demyelination (MS, ADEM), methotrexate, metronizadole, post WBRT, HIVE, CADASIL, PRES Dr. Max Wintermark
5/24/2018 1:30 PM Sinonasal Cavity
Anatomy, inflammatory disease, tumor, infection Dr. Mrudula Penta


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