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2017 Neurosciences Alumni Panel

Neurosciences website representative, Jacob Blum, interviewed senior students Ian Ballard and Edritz Javelosa to learn about why they led an alumni panel on non-academic career paths.

2017 Admissions Session

During the first week of March, aspiring neuroscientists from around the world were invited to the Stanford Neurosciences Program’s official Admissions Session... 

2017 Sustainability Recognition Award

Neuroscience graduate student Lindsay Becker was the April 2017 Cardinal Green Sustainability Champion of the Month.

2016 Town Hall & Holiday Party

This winter, the Stanford Neuroscience Program came together for the biannual “Town Hall” meeting...

2016 Student In Focus: Guillaume Riesen

Read about Guillaume in this interview series with Student Website Representative, Jacob Blum.

2016 Society for Neuroscience Conference

On November 12, 2016, over 30,000 neuroscience researchers will arrive in San Diego for the 46th Annual Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Conference. Among those attendees will be many Stanford Neuroscience PhD students...

2016 Stanford Neurosciences Retreat

Each year the Neuroscience program hosts the retreat at the Hopkins Marine Station, gathering students, faculty and guest speakers alike to discuss the latest research findings and build a scientific community. 

2016 Campus Perspective

Learn about one of the School of Medicine's best features-- Discovery Walk!

2016 Welcome First Years! 

The Neurosciences Graduate Program welcomes the new 2016-17 Year 1 cohort.

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