Distinguished Fellows

We are proud to produce leaders, scientists and scholars that have and continue to advance the field of Nephrology.

Name Current Position
Joanne Bargman, MD Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto
Carlos Battilana, MD Professor, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Peru)
Robert Brenner, MD Senior Director of Nephrology, Amgen
Michael Casey, MD Assistant Professor, University of Florida
Cecil H. Coggins, MD Associate Professor, Massachusetts General Hospital
Norman Coplon, MD Founder and CEO, Satellite Dialysis
Fernando Fervenza, MD Associate Professor, Mayo Clinic
Antonio Guasch, MD Assistant Professor, Emory University
Michelle Hladunewich, MD Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Bing Ho, MD Assistant Professor, Northwestern School of Medicine
Ross Isaacs, MD Assistant Professor, University of Virginia
Alkesh H. Jani, MD Assistant Professor, Colorodo University School of Medicine
Basit Javaid, MD Assistant Professor, Stanford University
Bryce Kiberd, MD Professor, Dalhousie University, Professor of Medicine (Canada)
Saulo Klahr, MD Chief, Division of Nephrology, Washington University School of Medicine
Jayant Kumar, MD Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas Medical Sciences
Osun Kwon, MD Associate Professor, Penn State University
Richard Lafayette, MD Associate Professor, Stanford University
Victor Lamin, MD Associate Professor, Loma Linda University Medical Center
Timothy Larson, MD Professor, Mayo Clinic
Krista Lentine, MD Assistant Professor, St. Louis University Medical Center
Fiona Mackie, MD Professor, University of Sydney, Sydney Children's Hospital (Austrailia)
Mehul Gandhi, MD Assistant Professor, UC Davis Transplant Center
Thomas Pallone, MD Professor, University of Maryland at Baltimore
Anita Patel, MD Assistant Professor, Henry Ford Health System
Jeffrey Petersen, MD Professor of Medicine, Stanford University
James Pattison, DM, FRCP Consultant Nephrologist, Guy's Hospital (United Kingdom)
Sylver Quevedo, MD Associate Professor, Duke University
Massy Safai, MD Assistant Professor, UCSF
James Scholey, MD Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto (Canada)
Stephen Tomlanovich, MD Professor of Medicine, UCSF
Biruh Workeneh, MD Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine
Jayson Yap, MD Assistant Professor, Wright State University School of Medicine