Program Description

Recent progress in the neurosciences spans the range from individual molecules, such as olfactory receptors or the visual pigment rhodopsin, to specific pathways, such as those that allow perception of the outside world via the senses, to the level of integration of information, as in the perception of pain or the decision between two alternative choices. The breadth of faculty interests in the program allows students to participate in any of these aspects of neuroscience research. The ultimate goal of the program is to improve the care of patients with neurological disease by better understanding the underlying function of the nervous system.

Graduate Degree Programs

Stanford University School of Medicine offers a highly regarded PhD program in neuroscience, which routinely includes MD/PhD students. The program is supported in part by an ongoing training grant, and applications from interested students in the research line will be considered. Students who are interested in pursuing an MD/PhD may apply to the Neuroscience PhD Program, the Biophysics PhD Program, or one of the other programs within the Biosciences. For more general information about applying to graduate programs, visit Stanford University's Office of Graduate Admissions online.