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PhySH "Physician-Scientist Hour"

12:30pm - 1:20pm
MSOB X303, unless otherwise noted

Please register for PhySH - INDE 217


MSTP Annual Scientific Conference

May 6-7, 2019
Please note these dates are Monday and Tuesday this year.

2018 Retreat in Santa Cruz

The Annual MSTP conference is held during Spring Quarter. The program consists of research presentations by all students in years two and beyond, with the length of the presentation geared to the extent of research experience. There are also several opportunities for unstructured free-form discussion, a session for administrative aspects of the program, and a free afternoon. All trainees prepare abstracts of their research presentations, and a book of abstracts is distributed to participants. The research sessions are highly interactive and supportive, not only to exchange ideas in the context of critical thinking, but also to highlight issues of special concern to MSTP students, such as relevance to a particular clinical problem, or questions about career options. Although the presentations are entirely by students, faculty participation in the discussion, both formal and informal, is an important aspect of the retreat and the program. MSTP Retreats have been held at various locations including Pacific Grove, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Stanford. 

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Current students, check our internal website for events

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