Program Leadership

The director of the Masters of Medicine Steering Committee is Professor Ben Barres, MD, PhD, Professor of Neurobiology, Developmental Biology, and Neurology, who is a board-certified neurologist, and whose lab has a translational research focus. He is also co-director of the neuroanatomy and neurobiology course for first-year MD students, co-chair of the Department of Neurobiology, a co-founder and team member of a new consortium group called the Myelin Repair Foundation that does translational research to develop new treatments for Multiple Sclerosis, and a member of the steering committee of the new Neuroscience Institute at Stanford.

MOM Steering Committee

Ben Barres, MD, PhD
Departments of Neurobiology, Developmental Biology, and Neurology; Director of the Master of Science in Medicine Degree Program

John Boothroyd, PhD
Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Dennis Carter, PhD
Departments of Biomechanical Engineering and Bioengineering

Dean Felsher, MD, PhD
Departments of Medicine (Oncology), and Pathology

Neil Gesundheit, MD
Department of Medicine, Associate Dean for Medical Student Advising

Aharon Kapitulnik, PhD
Departments of Physics and Applied Physics

Chaitan Khosla, PhD
Departments of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and (by courtesy) Biochemistry

Calvin Kuo, MD, PhD
Department of Medicine (Hematology)

Anson Lowe, MD, PhD
Department of Medicine (Gastroenterology and Hepatology)

Betsy Mellins, MD
Department of Pediatrics (Immunology and Transplantation Biology)

Garry Nolan, PhD
Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Ellen Porzig, PhD
Department of Developmental Biology

Marlene Rabinovitch, MD
Department of Pediatric Cardiology

This is a diverse group of faculty that includes 80% men; 20% women; 13% lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender; 27% Asian-American; and 7% Hispanic; and represents many different PhD departments as well as leadership members of the medical school, graduate schools, and our new Institutes of Medicine. Although several of the committee members are not physicians, all of the faculty are highly committed to and experienced with translational medicine.


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