Interventional Regenerative Medicine and Imaging Laboratory

We are currently investigating the developmental programming of beta cells within pancreatic islets to understand the fetal origins of diabetes and the intrauterine programming of these cells using novel anatomical and functional imaging techniques. As the physiology and associated pathology of islets are better understood, we hope to be able to translate our basic science findings into the clinical setting in relation to beta cell transplantation using minimally invasive techniques with image guidance.

The second arm of our research is on pancreatic cancer, especially with respect to developing and translating novel molecular guided therapies using minimally invasive image-guided techniques. One area which we are focusing on is the development of new nanoparticle platforms, for both imaging and therapy, and the delivery of these platforms into different experimental models of pancreatic cancer.

The Thakor Lab is also interested in developing and translating new bio-sensing technologies which can offer "Precision Medicine" to both pediatric and adult patients.