Research Scientist

Jelena Levi, PhD

Director, Chemistry CoreCanary Center at Stanford


Postdoctoral fellow, Stanford University, 2004
Postdoctoral Fellow, The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, 2003
PhD. Graduate School of City University of New York, 2003
B.S. University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1997


2002, Rose K. Rose Award for excellence in teaching
2001, Gertrude Elion Award for outstanding graduate student
1998, Rose K. Rose Award for excellence in teaching
1998, Scheckman Award for academic excellence

Contact Information:

Canary Center at Stanford 1501 California Avenue Stanford, CA 94305

Phone: 650-725-6076

Recent Publications:

  1. Miao Z, Levi J, Cheng Z. Protein Scaffolds Based Molecular Probes for Cancer Molecular Imaging. Amino Acids. 2010.
  2. Namavari M, Cheng Z, Zhang R, De A, Levi J, Hoerner JK, Yaghoubi SS, Syud FA, and Gambhir SS. A Novel method for Direct site-specific Radiolabeling of peptides Using [18F]FDG. Bioconjug Chem. 2009;20:432-436.
  3. Cheng Z, Jelena J. The Application of Cleavable Linker in Development of Molecular Probe for Cancer Molecular Imaging. Recent Advances of Bioconjugate Chemistry in Molecular Imaging, Research Signpost,Kerala, India. 2008:p53-70.
  4. Cheng Z, Padilla De Jesus O, Namavari M, De A, Levi J, Webster JM, Zhang R, Lee B, Syud FA, Gambhir SS. Small-Animal PET Imaging of Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Type 2 Expression with Site-Specific 18F-Labeled Protein Scaffold. J Nucl Med. 2008;49(5).
  5. Chin FT, Namavari M, Levi J, Subbarayan M, Ray P, Chen X, and Gambhir SS. Semi-automated Radiosynthesis and Biological Evaluation of [18F]FEAU: A Novel PET Imaging Agent for HSV1-tk/sr39tk Reporter Gene Expression. Molecular Imaging & Biology. 2008;10(2):82-91.
  6. Namavari M, Padilla De Jesus O, Cheng Z, De A, Kovacs E, Levi J, Zhang R, Hoerner JK, Grade H, Syud FA, Gambhir SS. Direct site-specific radiolabeling of an Affibody protein with 4-[18F]fluorobenzaldehyde via oxime chemistry. Mol Imaging Biol.. 2008;10(4):177-81.
  7. de la Zerda A, Zavaleta C, Keren S, Vaithilingam S, Bodapati S, Liu Z, Levi J, Smith BR, Ma T, Oralkan O, Cheng Z, Chen X, Dai H, Khuri-Yakub BT, Gambhir SS. Carbon Nanotubes as Photoacoustic Molecular Imaging Agents in Living Mice. Nature Nanotechnology. 2008;3(9):557-62.
  8. Levi J, Cheng Z, Gheysens O, Patel M, Chan CT, Wang Y, Namavari M, Gambhir SS. Fluorescent fructose derivatives for imaging breast cancer cells. Bioconjug Chem.. 2007;18(3):628-34.
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