Bioengineering/Radiology 222C - Spring 2010

Topics in Multi-modality Imaging in Living Subjects

Course Syllabus

CLASSES: Mondays & Fridays 9-10:50 AM, Clark Center S361

Week Monday Instructor Friday Instructor
1 3/29 Course overview and "In vivo gene screening with imaging: fishing or hunting?"
C. Contag
Adobe PDFLecture notes
Adobe PDF Zhu S. PNAS 2009;106(40)
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4/2 Functional characterization of immune escape in oncology
C. Contag
Adobe PDFLecture notes
Adobe PDF Trends in Genetics 2009;25(10).
Adobe PDF BioMed Central 2010
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2 4/5 The clinical problem and pathophysiology of unstable atherosclerotic plaques
F. Blankenberg
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4/9 Existing and potential new imaging methods for plaque imaging
F. Blankenberg
3 4/12 Can cancer imaging and modeling predict outcomes?
D. Felsher
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4/16 Oncogene profiles predict outcome
D. Felsher
4 4/19 MR of White Matter Structure and Function - Fishing or Cutting Bait?
M. Moseley
Adobe PDFLecture notes
Adobe PDF Hagmann P. J Neurosci. Methods 2010;21.
Adobe PDF Mazerolle EL. NeuroImage 2010:50;616–621
4/23 Mapping White Matter Activation - Catching the Big One
M. Moseley
5 4/26 Why the mouse is not a worm, and why we wish it were
M. Lin
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4/30 Engineering reporters for deep detection of cellular activities
M. Lin
6 5/3 Information in an Image: Do You See What I See?
D. Paik
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5/7 Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers
D. Paik
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7 5/10 Molecular probes for imaging tumor biomarkers
Z. Cheng
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5/14 Molecular imaging of EGFR: protein expression or activity?
Z. Cheng
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8 5/17 Can gene expression profiles be "seen" in medical images?
S. Plevritis
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5/21 Are published studies of imaging-genomic mappings valid?
S. Plevritis
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9 5/24 Current Strategies to Enhance Molecular Imaging
F. Chin
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5/28 What are Future Strategies to Enhance Molecular Imaging via Chemistry?
F. Chin
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FINALS WEEK - June 4-9, 2010
Adobe PDF Instructions for Proposals