Bioengineering/Radiology 222B
Course Syllabus

Winter 2007

CLASSES: Mondays & Fridays 9-10:50 AM, Clark S361

Week Monday Instructor Friday Instructor
1     1/12 C. Contag (Lecture)
Lecture notes
Cell Fusion Review
2 1/15 School holiday; no class 1/19 C. Contag (Discussion)
PNAS Fusion
Fusion to Death
3 1/22 D. Paik (Lecture) 1/26 D. Paik (Discussion)
Lecture notes
Article by Demirkaya
Article by Guiot
Letter following Guiot's article
Article by West
Letter following West's article
4 1/29 M. Moseley (Lecture)
Lecture notes
Academic Radiology v13(8)
Journal of MRI v24
2/2 M. Moseley (Discussion)
5 2/5 E. Graves (Lecture) 2/9 E. Graves (Discussion)
Lecture notes
J. of Clin Onc 2006:24(13)
Radiotherapy & Onc 2005:75
6 2/12 C. Levin (Lecture)
Lecture notes
Catana C, JNM v47(12)
Garlick P, NMR in BioMed v10(3)
Maes F, IEEE Trans on Mol Img v16(2)
Maintz JB, Med Img Analysis v2(1)
Marsden P, British J. of Rad v75
Pichler B, JNM v47(4)
Shao Y, IEEE Trans in Nuc Med v44(3)
Somer E, E. JNM v30(1)
Slates R, Phys Med Bio v44(8)
2/16 C. Levin (Discussion)
7 2/19 School holiday; no class 2/23 J. Rao (Lecture)
Bremer C, Nature Med v7(6)
Jiang T, PNAS v101(51)
Sameni M, Mole Img v2(3)
8 2/26 L. Xing (Discussion)
Xing L, Med Dosimetry v31(2)
3/2 M. McConnell (Lecture)
Lecture notes
Choudhury R, Nature Reviews v3
Jaffer FA, JACC v47(7)
9 3/5 M. McConnell (Discussion)
Nahrendorf M, Circ v114(14)
Tahara N, JACC v48(9)
3/9 S. Gambhir (Lecture)
10 3/12 S. Gambhir (Discussion) 3/16 Student final presentations