SCI3 Instruments

Here you will find descriptions, images, and links to vendors of the various instrumentation the lab features, as well as some pictures of the lab.

Inveon microPET-CT and Inveon D-PET

Siemens Inveon multimodality PET-CT with large field of view CT scanner and Inveon D-PET with Co-57-based scatter/attenuation correction.


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Leica CM3600 is a fully computerized cryomicrotome for whole-body sectioning.


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"Microm 550M" Cryostat microtome.


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VisualSonics Vevo 2100 high-frequency, high-resolution digital imaging platform with linear array technology and Color Doppler.

Momentum Magnetic Particle Imager (MPI)

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MPI is a new imaging modality capable of sensitive imaging of superparamagnetic nanoparticle (SPIO) tracers with positive contrast and no depth limitations. The technique has demonstrated applications in whole-body, sensitive cell tracking, at sub-millimeter resolution scales. The technique’s high sensitivity is due to the detection of the intense electronic magnetization (0.6 T) in the SPIOs. This is very different than magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which detects the nuclear paramagnetism of water. MPI images a magnetization that is stronger by a factor of more than 10 million than what we image in MRI. The Momentum Imager is the first installation in the world, and is a research collaboration between Stanford University and Magnetic Insight.

Bruker 7T MRI

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BioSpec 70/30 USR
Superconducting Magnet System

  • Field strength: 7 T
  • Diameter of clear bore: > 300 mm

Gradient system BGA12SHP with RT-shim and related power supplies

  • Actively shielded gradients
  • Integrated shim set up to 2nd order
  • Outer / inner diameter: 198 mm / 114 mm
  • Gradient amplitude: 440 mT/m
  • Slew rate: 3440 T/m/s
  • Linearity 80 / 50 mm DSV: < ± 4.5%
  • < ± 1.0%
  • Water cooled


  • Bruker Avance digital radio frequency system
  • The digital signal processing system operates at 1H resonance frequency of 300 MHz and utilizes digital filtering, digital quadrature demodulation as well as digital controls for RF amplitude stabilization
  • Receiver bandwidth: 5 MHz
  • Digital receive channels: 4
  • 1H RF amplifier: 1000 W pulse power

Computer/Administration Area

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8 Windows Workstations and 3 Mac workstations located in Clark, SIM1 and Porter.

Low-light Emission Microscope

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Bioluminescent imaging microscope consisting of an Olympus LV200 with Hamamatsu ImagEM C9100-14 camera.

In Vivo Imaging System

Clark: IVIS 100, IVIS 200 and IVIS Spectrum

SIM1: IVIS Spectrum


Shriram Center: IVIS Lumina

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CRi Maestro spectral fluorescent imager

Login Computer

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Instruments in the imaging facility may be reserved from any web-based computer.

TriFoil Imaging

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eXplore CT120.

Surgery Benches with Anesthesia Stations

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Portable Anesthesia Machine. Each imaging system is set up with a dedicated isoflurane vaporizer to maintain the animals under anesthesia during imaging. In addition, three surgical/procedure benches are available with anesthesia and heated Prostation workstations.