Radiochemistry Instruments

Radiochemistry Floorplan

Here you will find descriptions, images, and links to vendors of the various instrumentation the lab features, as well as some pictures of the lab.

Frederick T Chin, PhD

Head, Cyclotron Radiochemistry


Ammonia/Sodium Fluoride HPLC

GE PETTrace Ancillary Equipment for Cyclotron

Bioscan TLC Scanner


GE ProCab

Quality Control Fume Hood

Chemical Fume Hood

GE Tracerlab FX-FN #1

GE Tracerlab FX-FN #2

Comecer Shielded Hood

GE Tracerlab MX-FDG


Dionex Preparative Gradient HPLC

CEM Discover Microwave

Top Mini Cell GE Tracerlab FX-E

Bottom Mini Cell GE Tracerlab FX-C Pro