Radiochemistry Facility

The Radiochemistry Facility is on the first floor of the Lucas Expansion building. The heart of the Radiochemistry Facility is a GE PETtrace cyclotron, which is used for the production of radioisotopes for clinical and research use. Surrounding the cyclotron is a FDG production lab and research hot labs. The hot labs, fully equipped with hot cells and shielded fume hoods, are used for the production of research radiopharmaceuticals as well as provide space for radiochemistry research to develop new radiopharmaceuticals. These radiopharmaceuticals are used to support both clinical and research PET studies at the Stanford University Medical Center and the Stanford Center for Innovation in In-Vivo Imaging (SCI3).

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Radiochemistry Staff

  • Carmen Azevedo, BA, Radiochemistry Research Assistant
  • Jessa Castillo, BS, Radiochemistry Research Assistant
  • Zheng "Ben" Miao, PhD, Radiochemistry Research Associate
  • George Montoya, Cyclotron Production Technician
  • Donna Niernberger, Radiochemistry Facility Administrative Assistant
  • Jun-Hyung Park, BS, Radiochemistry Research Assistant
  • Samantha Reyes, BS, Biology Research Assistant
  • Shawn Scatliffe, Radiochemistry Research Technician
  • Bin Shen, PhD, Radiochemistry Senior Research Associate
  • Susan Singh, Radiochemistry Facility Administrative Assistant
  • Murugesan Subbarayan, PhD, Radiochemistry Senior Research Scientist


Previous Staff

  • Previous Lab Members
  • Natasha Arksey, MS, Radiochemistry Research Assistant
  • Rhona Berganos, Radiochemistry Research Assistant
  • Stephanie Chen, BS, Radiochemistry Research Assistant
  • David Dick, PhD, Head, Cyclotron Physics
  • Amit Hetsron, MS, Radiochemistry Research Assistant
  • Aileen Hoehne, PhD, Radiochemistry Research Associate
  • So-Hee Kim, MS, Radiochemistry Research Assistant
  • Andrew Lamb, Cyclotron Production Technician
  • Christopher Lau, BS, Research Assistant
  • Bernadette Schneider, BA, Radiochemistry Research Assistant

Frederick T Chin, PhD

Head, Cyclotron Radiochemistry