Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am eligible to apply to be a mentee? 

See the criteria listed on the Mentee page.

Do I have to be a full-time career employee to apply to be a mentee?

Yes, at this time, we are inviting applications from interested full-time employees only. For additional mentee criteria, please refer to the Mentee page.

I'm not part of the School of Medicine, can I participate?  

No. At present the Mentorship Program is designed and available for the Stanford University School of Medicine staff only.

What are the criteria to be a mentor? 

See the criteria on the Mentor page.

How long does the program last?  

Mentee applications, Mentee/Mentor mixers, selections and matches are due and held in the fall to prepare for a January kick-off. The program runs from January – September with Mentor/Mentee meetings and Mentee networking events.

How many mentor applicants do you accept?  

Our goal is to interest as many mentors as possible who fit the criteria listed on the Mentor page. The more mentor participation, the more mentees we can accept, and the better likelihood of a successful match.

How many mentee applicants do you select? 

Our mentee population is determined largely by the number of mentors who participate in any given year/cohort. We will always strive to include as many mentees as possible.

How much time can I expect to commit to the program as a mentee?  As a mentor?

Mentees can expect to commit approximately 3-6 hours per month or more, depending on the agreement they create with their mentor.  It is the mentees responsibility to schedule meetings with pre-planned discussion topics. Monthly mentees meetings are organized and planned by mentees and involvement in the monthly meetings are required in order for everyone to get the most out of the program. 

Mentors can expect to commit 1-2 hours per month, depending on what is agreed upon with their mentee.  There are some events prior to the launch of the program that require additional time (orientation, social and interview period). 

How does the matching happen between the mentee and mentor?  

Mentees are able to meet, interview, and rank prospective mentors with whom they hope to be paired. Mentors will have a comparable mentee ranking option. Match decisions are made after careful consideration by the Mentorship Committee.

Can I re-apply for the program if I have applied in the past and not been selected? 

Yes, you are welcome to apply again.

What role does my supervisor play in my application? 

We encourage you to discuss your planned participation with your supervisor. While it's not essential that your supervisor supports your being in the program, it can be helpful.

Why is the Mentoring Program limited to certain salary grades for Mentors and/or Mentees? 

Our goal is to create a Mentoring Program crafted to match experienced School of Medicine staff leaders with those most likely to benefit from their knowledge and expertise while being as inclusive as possible. Given our need to manage numbers, we defined eligibility accordingly. We will make adjustments as needed in future years if we find participation criteria too limiting.

If you have a question that is not listed, please contact any committee member and we will get the answer for you!