Student Responsibilities

Acceptance of a Medical Scholars fellowship entails a commitment on the part of both the student and advisor(s).

Once a project is approved, the student must:

  1. Complete any current MedScholars project (see #6 below) before receiving funding under another program.

  2. Submit all compliance approvals within two weeks of the start of the research quarter. In cases where all compliance approvals are not in place by the second week of the quarter in which the project is to begin, the project will become ineligible for MedScholars funding. In this case, at the request of the student and with approval of the MedScholars program, projects can typically be deferred until the following quarter.

  3. Register for MED 370 for the correct units corresponding to the percentage proposed. If an adjustment to percentages and/or quarters needs to occur, students must communicate with the Medical Scholars Program by the second week of the quarter. Mentor approval for adjustments will be required. If requests for changes are not made by the end of the second week of the quarter, the student may forfeit their units and funding.
  4. Work on the project as proposed. Fellowships are awarded to the research project, not the individual student. If the student needs to change either the nature, scope or direction of the project, the MedScholars Program Coordinator must be notified and a petition for change submitted to the MedScholars Review Committee. If a significant problem, other than change in project, occurs such that the student cannot meet the advisor(s) expectations, the student should inform the MedScholars Program Coordinator and be prepared to withdraw from the program and return any moneys disbursed.

  5. Work on the project during the quarters in which the student is in receipt of funding and/or academic credit. Students may continue to work on their project when not in receipt of pay or academic credit.

  6. Fulfill obligations to the Committee no later than six months after the end of the quarter of funding and/or before beginning another Medical Scholars Research fellowship*.

    To do this, the student must give an oral presentation and write a final report as follows:

    1. An oral or poster presentation of the results or progress of the project must be made at the annual Stanford Medical Student Research Symposium. Presentation at a national or an international meeting also fulfills this requirement.

    2. The written report should be in manuscript format (hypothesis, methods, results, bibliography) with emphasis on the results. The paper need not be extensive and may take the form of a progress report if time does not allow for the completion of the project and if the advisor deems that substantial work has been completed. If the work is being published, a paper can be the final written report if the student made significant contributions to the paper.

    3. The written report should be uploaded via MS Online. It will go through a similar process as to when the funding was applied for, with approval by the Faculty mentor, mentor letter of summary, and submitted online.

    *Students who are working on a Medical Scholars project, and are intending to graduate must complete their project no later than two weeks before graduation day.
  7. Request an extension if additional time is required to finish the final report and oral presentation. This request is made to the MedScholars Program Coordinator and includes a letter from the faculty advisor supporting the extension. Students who do not request or are not granted an extension risk receiving a failing grade and appearance on the agenda of the next meeting of the CP3.

  8. Be prepared to write a personal letter of thanks and attend the annual donor dinner, if requested. The primary source of Stanford MedScholars fellowships are gifts made by private donors. These donations are frequently made by individuals who take an interest in the scholastic background, academic progress, and research activities of their aid. These donors may request to meet their MedScholar at the dinner.