MD students enrolled at Stanford are eligible.

Preclinical students in the first year of the MD program:

  • First-year students undertaking the normal first year courses are eligible for 25% funding in Winter and Spring quarters. Normally first-year students are not eligible for funding in Autumn.

Preclinical students in the second year of the MD program:

  • Second-year students undertaking the normal second year courses are eligible for 25% funding in Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters.
  • Students may ask for a 50% exemption at the time of their application submission. Statements from the student’s academic advisor, E4C mentor, and project mentor, which indicate the academic readiness of the student and that the student’s extra/co-curricular work will not interfere with academics will be required as part of the application.

Clerkship students in any year:

  • Students registered for clerkships in a quarter in which they will have MedScholars funding must demonstrate at the time of application for the MedScholars award that they will have a sufficient number of clerkship periods free to undertake the research proposed. Availability of sufficient free periods may also be rechecked at the beginning of each quarter.

MD students who obtained a PhD prior to matriculation may apply for a fellowship only for research that has focus substantially different from that of their prior doctoral studies.

Students who are in or accepted into an MD/PhD program are not eligible.

Students holding a MedScholars award at the time they are accepted to an MD/PhD program may continue their MedScholars project and receive their MedScholars funding up to the time that they are admitted to the MD/PhD program. Normally students may not receive MedScholars funds after they are admitted to an MD/PhD program. Students in MD/PhD programs remain ineligible for MedScholars funding until they have defended their doctoral dissertation or officially withdrawn from their PhD program. After that point, students who are still enrolled in the MD program become eligible for MedScholars funding.