MedScholars Funded Projects

The following projects have been approved as part of the Arts and Humanities Medical Scholars Program (1999-2003) or the Biomedical Ethics and Medical Humanities Medical Scholars Program (2003-present).

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Student Project Title
Julie Barzilay Navigating Spinal Muscular Atrophy's Road to "Treatability": Social Media Use by Spinal Muscular Atrophy Patients and Families A Qualitative Study of Patient and Provider Perspectives Holly Tabor - Medicine / Center for Biomedical Ethics
Natalia Birgisson
Novel Writing
Audrey Shafer - Anesthesiology
Jacob Blythe Unseeing Eyes: Moral Medicine, the Literary Form, and the Primacy of Perception Alvan Ikoku - Comparative Literature and Medicine
Cara Lai
Strategies for preventing suicide and combating other socially contagious behaviors: A phenomenological approach toward analyzing the impact of positive messaging Co-Advisors: Shashank Joshi (Psychiatry) and Laurel Braitman (Anesthesiology / Medicine & the Muse)
Noemie Levy Indiana HIV/Opioid Epidemic Co-Advisors: Laurel Braitman (Anesthesiology / Medicine & the Muse) and Audrey Shafer (Anesthesiology)
Nicholas Love
The Art of Dermatopathology: A Med Student's Guide
Kerri Rieger - Dermatology
Dagem Mammo
Novel on Early Childhood Development Donald Barr - Pediatrics
Petr Vitkovskiy Novel Writing Co-Advisors: Irvin Yalom (Psychiatry) and Audrey Shafer (Anesthesiology)
Hayden Ware
Composing Stories of Patients, Physicians, and Illness Co-Advisors: Laurel Braitman (Anesthesiology / Medicine & the Muse) and Audrey Shafer (Anesthesiology)