Medical Genetics Residents

2st Year Residents

Ethan Bodle, MD


Lauren Carter, MD

Lauren completed her undergraduate work at the University of Florida where she received her degree in psychology and was named a High-Distinction Anderson Scholar for academic excellence. She then completed medical school at Florida State University wehre she discovered her passion for taking care of children, especially children with complex health care needs. She completed her pediatric residency at Wake Forest University in North Carolina and received here pediatric board certification in 2017. While at Stanford,  she has done reserach with Dr. Louanne Hudgins regarding perinatal distress in patients wtih 1p36 deletion syndrome and received a WSPR subspecialty research award for her work in this area. Other areas of interest have included taking care of patients with inborn errors of metabolism. She enjoys the rapidly-advancing field of genetics, taking care of patients with rare disorders and providing support and guidance for their families. 

1st Year Residents

Jennifer Schymick, MD, PhD


Frances Velez-Bartolomei, MD


Combined Medical Genetics/Pediatric Residency Program

3rd Year Resident

Akash Kumar, MD, PhD

Akash is passionate about taking advances in genomics and applying them for patient care. After training in Chemical and Bioengineering at the University of Minnesota and Stanford University he started the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) at the University of Washington and obtained a PhD in Genome Sciences. With his thesis advisor, Jay Shendure, Akash used next generation sequencing technologies to characterize the development and evolution of prostate cancer and glioblastoma. He also designed and implemented new methods using next-generation sequencing with applications for cancer genetics and prenatal genetic testing. He has published six first-author publications in journals including Nature Medicine, PNAS and Genome Medicine and is a co-inventor on one licensed patent. As a medical geneticist, Akash believes that the best approach to improve outcomes for children with complex congenital medical conditions stems from earlier diagnosis and intervention. To that effect, his current research goals are 1) to develop new genomic methods that identify children at risk for complex congenital diseases earlier, 2) to understand the molecular mechanisms of neurodevelopmental disease in children that may serve as potential avenues for treatment and 3) to improve access and implementation of genomics more broadly in the clinic. 


2nd Year Resident

Brendan Floyd, MD, PhD


1st Year Residents

Ryan Gates, MD


Christina Tise, MD, PhD


Medical Biochemical Genetics

Aaina Kochhar, MD


2018-2019 Incoming New Fellow

Pete Leahy, MD

Pete Leahy is a native of Washington State. Born in Spokane, he grew up in Snohomish which is 45 minutes east of Seattle. He attended the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN where he studied anthropology and pre-professional studies. A year in Puerto Rico serving at a homeless shelter was followed by medical school at Florida International University in Miami. Pete completed Pediatric and Medical Genetics residence at the University of North Carolona in Chapel Hill. Research experiences inclue PROS syndrome and pyroglutamic aciduria. An aspiring clinician educator/scientist. Pete is interested in quality improvement initiatives regarding access, standardization, coordination, and delivery of care and teaching colleagues, trainees, and famillies. Future research interests include evaluation of newborn screen cutoffs and metabolomics.