Meet our Residents

1st Year Residents

Rebecca Levy, MD, PhD

Medical School: Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons

Prior Residency: Stanford University - Child Neurology

Graduate: PhD (Neurobiology) Columbia University

Dr. Levy has long been fascinated by the interface of neuroscience and genetics before she even knew it was a career option.  She researched human genetics of multiple disorders in high school and college at the Broad Institute and Yale University, then expanded her expertise to mouse modeling of putative schizophrenia risk genes in graduate school at Columbia.  Starting during her neurology training, she is learning neural culture in the Pasca Lab at Stanford.  She hopes to pursue translational bench to bedside research to help confirm genetic diagnoses and investigate potential therapeutics in neurologic disorders.  In her free time, she explores the Stanford campus and Tahoe ski slopes with her husband and son.

Alicia Renck, MD

Medical School: University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine at Galveston

Prior Residency: University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School - Pediatrics

Alicia’s interest in medical genetics blossomed during a rotation in medical school.  She especially enjoys the detective work involved in genetics.  Her interests include novel gene discovery, dysmorphology, and variant interpretation.  She completed a residency in pediatrics at Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin, TX prior to pursuing medical genetics, so she particularly enjoys working with the pediatric population.  She looks forward to a career as a clinical geneticist and clinical researcher.

2nd Year Residents

José Andrés Morales, MD

Medical School: Universidad de San Carlos Facultad de Ciencias Medicas, Guatemala

Prior Residency: Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, NY - Pediatrics

Andrés' interest in genetics sparked from reading stories in his childhood.  Under the mentorship of Dr. Julio Cabrera, one of Guatemala's key geneticists, he was able to obtain clinical experience in different areas within genetics.  This exposure led him to a strong enthusiasm for metabolic, neurologic and skeletal disorders.  Andrés looks forward to attaining his medical biochemical fellowship, helping him to enhance these interests.  His long-term goal is to improve health care in his birth country through various projects, including pioneering public newborn screening in Guatemala.

Melinda Palma, MD

Medical School: University of Massachusetts Medical School

Prior Residency: Harbor UCLA MedicalCenter - Pediatrics

Melinda is interested in biochemical genetics and the treatment of metabolic conditions.  Her research interest is in metabolomics.  Prior to medical school, she worked in a metabolomics lab at Massachusetts General Hospital and she hopes to apply that research experience to metabolomics studies in patients with inborn errors of metabolism.

Christina Tise, MD, PhD

Medical School: University of Maryland

Graduate: PhD (Epidemiology & Human Genetics) University of Maryland

Christy’s interest in plants has grown into a love of plant genetics which further evolved into a passion for human genetics.  As an MD/PhD student at the University of Maryland, Christy studied Human Genetics and Genomic Medicine under the mentorship of Dr. Alan Shuldiner, known for his studies in the Old Order Amish.  Christy hopes to discover and test new diagnostics and therapeutics for genetic conditions, for it is the undiscovered aspects of medicine that interest her the most.  Her research interests include Mendelian analysis, novel gene discovery, variant interpretation, GWAS/ExWAS, founder populations, diagnostic genetic testing, biochemical genetics, and bioethics.