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Your Safety is our priority

The School of Medicine's Safety Team partners with you and your department to communicate information about safety in laboratories, offices, and common areas.  Our goal is to provide strategies for regulatory compliance and provide resources to help you work safely.

Good health and safety at Stanford University is a joint responsibility of the administration, faculty, staff and students. Each of us share in the responsibility for:

  • Keeping ourselves informed of conditions affecting their health and safety.
  • Participating in training programs, as required.
  • Adhering to healthy and safe practices in the workplace.
  • Promptly reporting to our supervisors any potential hazards in the workplace, injuries and/or accidents. Line responsibility for implementing the safety practices begins with the immediate supervisor. In SoM research and clinical laboratories, it begins with the Principal Investigator (PI).

Stanford has established an Injury and Illness Prevention Program that holds Schools, Departments, Supervisors and each of us as employees and community members responsible for its active implementation. Each of the program areas outlined in other parts of the website are designed to support this central goal.

Primary contacts from SoM Safety & Emergency Management and Stanford University's Laboratory Safety Program are available to assist research labs with operational questions and provide assistance on safety, compliance, inspection, and facility issues.

For information regarding the University Environmental Health & Safety Department which is the principal health and safety office at Stanford University. Please go to their website to find additional resources on

  • Animal Safety 
  • BioSafety & BioSecurity
  • Campus Safety
  • Ergonomics 
  • Laser Safety
  • Occupational Injury and Illness 
  • Radiation Safety
  • Waste Disposal


Your SoM Safety Team is available to assist. Please click here to see your building's Safety Team contact. 

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