Welcome to the School of Medicine in Stanford Redwood City

Stanford Redwood City
is the first major expansion of the university outside Palo Alto and Santa Clara County. Begining in mid-March 2019, about 2,700 Stanford University Staff will begin moving to the new campus. This includes three of the nine university  VPs and staff from nine areas across the university. Almost 800 staff members from 30 School of Medicine departments are moving to Discovery Hall in SRWC.


Who’s Where in SRWC: Building Assignments

Schedule for School of Medicine Move to SRWC

School of Medicine staff will start moving into Discovery Hall on May 28. We will move floor-by-floor, starting with the 5th floor. 

The detailed Move Schedule, listing move dates by department may be found here.

What to Do Ahead of the Move

Logistical information about the move, as well as move materials and instructions on how to label moving boxes, was shared at two "Move Town Halls," held on April 16 and 17. The slides from these town halls may be found here.


Things to keep in mind as you look ahead of the move:

Discovery Hall

Discovery Hall is the School of Medicine building at Stanford Redwood City. All buildings on the new campus offer an open workspace environment, along with a variety of shared spaces on each floor: including small, medium, and large conference rooms; phone rooms; and huddle spaces. The move to SRWC will enable us to create new ways of working with our colleagues both at the new campus as well as those on the main campus.

Floor Plans

Shared Spaces

Transitioning to SRWC

Monthly Town Halls

We have conducted monthly town hall meetings via Zoom for SRWC-bound staff. The May 2019 town hall was the last to be held before the move. These town halls served as a forum for sharing information about the new campus and the move an opportunity for staff to ask questions. Recordings of all town halls may be found here


Field Trips to SRWC

In April and May 2019, we organized field trips to SRWC to help SRWC-bound staff test out their commutes; visit Cardinal Cafe and the Cardinal Hall Conference Center; check out the BeWell Fitness Center; and figure out where they'd park if they drive to work.

A Parking and Transportation Services representative provided commute planning assistance for the field trips. See their article about field trips that we and other units organized.


Monthly Newsletters from University Human Resources

University HR has created a number of infographics with information from supporting a distributed workforce and virtual conferencing tips to move-planning recommendations and open floor plan best practices. You'll find all of these resources and more, here.


Collaboration Tools

From instant messaging to file sharing to video conferencing, there's an array of great virtual collaboration tools available to you—most at no cost.  But with so many choices, you may wonder what tools align best with how you and your team work. To help you decide, there’s a new webpage that brings information on the School of Medicine’s preferred virtual collaboration tools into one place. IRT’s virtual collaboration tools web page puts resources for Slack, Zoom, Jabber, Medicine Box, Google Drive, and other popular tools at your fingertips, with download instructions and user guides for each tool along with helpful articles developed by both IRT and University IT.


Update Your Stanford University ID Card

University IT Card Services has launched an initiative to make card-reader access across campus more secure. What this means is that anyone who has a Stanford ID card that's more than two years old will need to exchange it for a new one. This is key because your Stanford University ID card is your key to SRWC, giving you access to Discovery Hall, the BeWell Fitness Center, and Cardinal Print. Please read how you can check whether you need to update your ID card and what you need to do to update it.


Equipment Recommendations for Flexible Open Floor Plans, Telecommuting, and Remote Work

Moving from a private office to an open workspace environment or telecommuting requires more than just a change in how you work. It can also mean modifying or adding to your existing office equipment to accommodate the unique circumstances of your new work environment.

University IT has put together recommendations for various types of equipment to enable you to work better and more comfortably in your new work environment.

Cardinal Print

The university is debuting a new print program, Cardinal Print, at SRWC. With Cardinal Print, you use your Stanford University ID or SUNet ID and password to securely print or scan a document, and you can manage your workflow at the printer or online. Printing equipment is also standardized and consolidated, which reduces the amount of resources needed to print and lowers the total cost of print services at Stanford. View the demo and visit the Cardinal Print page for more information.

This program also includes Cardinal Fax, which allows users to create, send, and receive faxes directly from their inbox.

Parking & Transportation at SRWC


Please see the Parking & Transportation Services site for information about parking at SRWC and transportation options to the new campus.

The shuttle schedule between the Caltrain station and SRWC is now available. This schedule also includes the midday Marguerite shuttle between SRWC and downtown Redwood City. There’s a stop right outside Discovery Hall, on the corner of Broadway and Barron Avenue.


SRWC in the News

  • – SRWC shuttle capacity update

    SRWC shuttle capacity update | Redwood City

    To provide overflow capacity for several Commute.org shuttles, Parking & Transportation Services is offering supplemental Marguerite service during peak morning times as of Monday, May 13. Find out which times typically have the highest ridership along with tips to improve your Caltrain-to-shuttle commute. Read more

  • – PurpleTie dry cleaning services now available

    PurpleTie dry cleaning services now available | Redwood City

    Stanford Redwood City Operations has partnered with PurpleTie to provide door-to-door dry cleaning services. The PurpleTie station is located on the third floor of Cardinal Hall (across from the elevators). To start taking advantage of the weekly service, set up your PurpleTie account online or by downloading the mobile app. First-time users receive $20 off the first order.

  • – SRWC April newsletter

    SRWC April newsletter | Redwood City

    This issue of the SRWC newsletter features: Operational Workplace Etiquette and Do's and Don'ts, Visitor Parking information, recreation and wellness updates and upcoming events. Read the April 2019 issue

  • – Marguerite shuttle update

    Marguerite shuttle update | Redwood City

    To help you better identify the mid-day Marguerite shuttle service to Stanford Redwood City, look for the white shuttle with 'RWC' decals. The decal is affixed to the rear and side of the shuttle and a RWC sign can be seen on the front window.

  • – Sustainability at SRWC overview and design thinking workshop

    Sustainability at SRWC overview and design thinking workshop | Redwood City

    April 23, 2019 - 10:30am to 12:00pm Stanford Redwood City - Cardinal Hall C104   Are you passionate about environmental sustainability and want to find ways to connect this to your workplace? Are you interested in how sustainability will be integrated into the Redwood City campus? We want to hear from you, and invite you to bring your brainpower for a special Earth Week

Have Questions About Redwood City?

Please e-mail your question to Promila Rastogi at promilar@stanford.edu. You will receive a response within two business days.