Research Resumption

Stanford University plans to reactivate research beyond Essential Functions and Minimum Basic Operations through a staged approach. This page outlines the requirements to resume research and resources that will help School of Medicine researchers prepare for the phased resumption of research.

To restart Stage 1 research activities, School of Medicine department (or unit) leadership must review and ensure that the following are in place for individual labs:

  1. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  2. Completed Laboratory Start-up Checklist (Appendix C of Research Recovery Handbook)
  3. List of personnel who will work on campus added to the Essential Smartsheet (this will be replaced with the On Site Role Management System)
  4. COVID-19 Hygiene Best Practices, EHS-2470-WEB, completed by all personnel who will work on campus
  5. Daily use of Health Check and face coverings reviewed with all personnel who will work on campus
  6. Necessary PPE and supplies are available
  7. Appropriate signage inside lab buildings and floors in progress

Department (or unit) leadership must send confirmation of their review and approval to the Sr. Associate Dean for Research by emailing:

On-Site Role Management (replacing the essential staff smartsheet)

Departments will be able to access this new online tool to reference the information from the essential people smartsheet, and run reports for training, approvals (and other additions to come) who are identified for Stage 1 & 2 work.

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Standard Operating Procedure

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) consistent with the population density and health guidance in the Research Restart Handbook is required.  The School of Medicine has provided a SOP template that can be customized for individual labs.

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PI's, department (or building) facilities staff, or lab staff may choose to post signage in lab space and common areas to aid in density, social distancing, and hygiene compliance.  Templates can be found here.

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Research Resumption Action Plan Matrix

This Matrix summarizes roles and responsibilities to resume research in Stage 1 & 2 for the School of Medicine (or University), departments, and labs with actionable steps from the Research Recovery Handbook.

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PPE Procurement & Logistics

The School of Medicine has assembled a list of vendors for PPE and supplies with contact information.  This is a collaborative tool for departments and labs to find and procure their required PPE and supplies.

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Building Floor Plans

Information about Stanford University buildings, including floor plans, is available through the Stanford's Facilities Information Management System (FIMS).  Floor plans can be used to identify  density for Stage 1 & 2 as well as determine how space configurations can impact social distancing. 

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COVID-19 Self-Reporting

You must report to Stanford if you are sick and were recently on campus/expected to be on campus, awaiting test results or have tested COVID-positive.  More information on what to do if you’re feeling ill and mandatory self-reporting.

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Key Dates by Stage

Stage 0.5: Ends May 31

Stage 1: Starts June 1

Stage 2: Starts June 22

SoM Key Contacts

David Strick, Director, S&EM

Ruth O'Hara, Sr. Associate Dean of Research

Workshop Findings