Course Work

Students must complete 12 total Scholarly Concentration coursework units. Students selecting only a Foundation Area complete all 12 units in that Foundation Area. Students undertaking both a Foundation Area and an Application Area complete six units in each.

Formal Coursework  

A personalized series of courses totaling at least 3 more units depending upon the track chosen:

Required Courses

SURG 257: Clinical Teaching Seminar Series
Autumn/Winter/Spring - (1) unit each for three quarters
Ideal for year-long mentorship with access to academic leaders in the School of Medicine through the Honors Scholars program.


SOMGEN 219: Introduction to Medical Education

Winter/1 unit

Methods coursework can include any of the following:

PEDS 202C or SURG 202C: Qualitative Research Methods and Study Design
Spring/2- 3 units

PEDS 202A/B or SURG 202A/B: Practical Applications of Qualitative Analysis and Dissemination
Autumn, Winter/3 units each

Review Explorercourses for any School of Education courses that you would like to count towards the Medical Education Scholarly Concentration.

Students are encouraged to talk with the concentration co-directors for guidance on appropriate coursework, as well as to discuss exceptions or substitutions (e.g., if previous coursework and/or experience allow for enrolling in alternate courses).